Thursday 25 July 2013

La Bella Figura mini haul and perfume review

I have wanted to try La Bella Figura products for a long time, I was all set to wait for the line to be available in UK (which will be happening this fall). But then they had a little promotion (because of the 4th of July), and well impatience won over, and I treated myself to a mini kit and a sample of Barcelona perfume.

I was planning on getting the Barbary fig oil, but then I wanted to try the renewal serum as well, in the end a selection of products seemed like a better idea (plus how cute is the little bag that comes with the kit!).

In the kit:
1/8 oz. Barbary Fig Renewal Serum
1/8 oz. Barbary Fig Seed Oil
1/8 oz. Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum
0.25 oz. Rainforest Hydration Treatment

I have a bit of a collection of skincare that needs using up, so I will not be trying these out for a little while yet (but it is super hard to resist opening them).

Barcelona perfume. This fragrance is playful, full of life and excitement. Who knew that a fruity scent could be so sexy? This citrus definitely has some spice. I have not been to Barcelona, yet when I put this perfume on, all I want to do is hop on a plane and explore a city that inspired this wonderful scent.

Keeping in mind that fragrances last differently depending on body chemistry, this one stays with me for about 2 hours. I notice that citrus fragrances in general don't last as long as floral ones.
I think it is great for day and night as it isn't a heavy perfume, but it has beautiful warm, spicy notes that are perfect for a summer evening.

Istanbul perfume ( I believe this one isn't out yet). This was a little extra that was included with my parcel because of the 4th July celebration. 

I am super picky when it comes to perfume (always have been, even before going green it was a bit of a quest to find something I liked). I always wanted something that was light not cloying or heavy, that was a little spicy, a little sweet yet smelled like real flowers, not that weird perfume smell that so many fragrances seem to share. Now you can see why it is a little hard to find something that fits all the criteria.

Honestly, for the first time since going green I have found such a scent ( and to think that it wasn't even something that I consciously chose!).

This is one sultry perfume, think of a veiled belly dancer keeping secrets and seducing you at the same time with the sway of her hips, promises of even more exciting things to come.

On the first sniff it reminds me of lilacs in bloom, than I get a hint of lily or orchid. All the notes intermingled really do make something special. 

This fragrance manages to be super seductive with a hint of innocence and freshness.

It lasts for about 4 hours on me. 

There should be a UK stockist of La Bella Figura this fall, and you bet this perfume will be the first thing I purchase.


  1. o-m-g I want to try these too! Your descriptions are captivating, lol! You really got me curious about Barcelona because I love citrus scents.
    You're doing a great job resisting to open the oil samples...I would have already used them up! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words :)Oh it has been a real test of willpower not opening them oils! I just don't really like messing up a summer routine as this weather is making my skin extra tricky :) do get a sample of them perfumes, I wasn't expecting them to smell no where near this good ( based on the perfume oils I have tried in the past). Xx

  2. Oh I am so excited to hear that La Bella Figura is finally coming to the UK!