Monday 29 July 2013

Why I am excited that Kora organics is on Net-a-Porter

About three years ago, before I knew what ingredients where causing me sensitivities, and after trying every natural brand I could get my hands on in UK, I came across a newly launched brand Kora organics. The line is centred around the skin benefits of Noni fruit.

Feeling like I didn't have much to loose, I made an order for two different face creams and a cream cleanser. I sort of did everything backwards then, I made my order first and researched the brand while I was waiting for my goodies to arrive.

At the time I did not know anything about Miranda Kerr, but looking at the videos where she was talking about her products and reading her posts on the Kora blog, I became more and more impressed.

The products that I ordered arrived beautifully packaged. I absolutely loved the cream cleanser (the first cream cleanser that I actually liked). The great thing about it, was that I could wash it off without needing to use a muslin cloth, it rinsed cleanly, no residue, just super clean soft skin.

Out of the two face creams only one suited my skin. Purify day and night cream, that was designed for my skin type just did not agree with me, for whatever reason, however I ended up using it as a wipe off cleanser and it worked brilliantly for that. The Soothing day and night cream (which I got on a whim) worked great for the colder weather, made my skin feel super soft, I don't believe that I used a face cream that agreed with me better after that one.

With my second order I decided to treat myself to some new products including a face scrub, tinted moisturiser and a foaming cleanser. In the end I realised that I much preferred the cream cleanser to the foaming one. The exfoliating cream was wonderful for use in the shower, it is a physical exfoliator but a really gentle one made with oats and bamboo.

Tinted moisturiser was a little dark by itself, I mixed it with the soothing day and night cream, or Oskia get up and glow in the summer. You couldn't tell that I was wearing anything and I received numerous complements about my complexion (my skin was anything but great at the time, since I was struggling with rashes and sensitivities, mainly caused by jojoba, but I wasn't aware at the time).

In the end the shipping plus imports charges was the reason why I stopped ordering (and once I figured out what ingredients to avoid, it became easier to find products at home). But having found other good skincare lines doesn't mean that I don't miss Kora. The line has grown since I last used it (and also changed the packaging twice). It is a bit like getting reconnected with an old friend and finding out all the new things about them.

Net-a-porter has only 4 products from the line at the moment, but I am hoping that they will be getting more soon. In the meantime I will be getting one of the masks from them (I haven't decided if I want purifying or hydrating mask), as soon as I free up some space on my bathroom shelf.

All in all skincare is a business, and we often don't know who is behind the concoctions we use, and every so often there is a face of the company. I happen to think that Miranda Kerr is an inspirational one. With one of my orders I got her book "Treasure yourself". It is not normally a type of book that I go for, but I am glad that I did.

I wanted to share one of my favourite affirmations from it.

Here is a link if you want a bit more information about Kora organics.

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