Tuesday 2 July 2013

Green people limited edition bronzer and eyeshadow

It is no secret that I prefer pressed powders and bright colours when it comes to makeup. It is not something that has been easy to find in the organic and natural ranges, but I think the tide is changing.

Last year green people has introduced a limited edition eyeshadow and bronzer, to my delight these products are available this summer too.

Limited edition Gold shimmer bronzer.
The marble effect was the main reason why I purchased this product.

 In general I prefer my bronzers to be matt but occasionally I come across some shimmery ones that I fall in love with. This is one such bronzer. I tend to do a very light sweep in a number 3 shape, with a large brush and then a few further swipes over my cheekbones. If it is a cloudy day or indoors with subdued lighting the shimmer is not very obvious, but if it is sunny or bright lights it looks super shimmery, even though the shimmer particles are fairly small.

 The colour is a gorgeous golden brown, very close to the shade of my natural tan. It works great as an eyeshadow, you can use gold and brown veins of the bronzer separately with a small brush.

Due to the amount of shimmer I would only use this on the areas that you want highlighted and not all over. Just to test it out I did wear it on a hot day (28C) and it lasted all day without fading as you would expect from a powder product.

I think it is most suitable for light to medium skintones and maybe as a highlighter for darker skintones, however if you are very fair or very dark it might not be for you.

Limited edition eco eye trio. These are metallic shadows with a pearl rather than glitter effect.

Colours are absolutely gorgeous for summer: azure is an aqua blue, burnt orange looks like a coppery orange and dark blue that they describe as a sparkling midnight blue. Staying power is very impressive I had them on for 8 hours on a hot day and did not notice any fading, most importantly they did not irritate my eyes.

I absolutely love trios as you can create so many different looks with them, colours in this one complement each other really well. I was really impressed with the quality of these eyshadows.

Both compacts have removable pans so you can pop them in into a customized pallet very easily.

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