Saturday 8 February 2014

Chocolate and lingerie

Whether or not you are a supporter of Valentine's day, it is one of the best times to get lingerie. The array of offers and pretty styles is pretty much unbeatable around this time. Personally I can't stand the bland beige second skin type underwear, I want mine to be pretty yet comfortable. There is something special about getting a new set of matching undies, it never fails in delivering a confidence boost the first time you wear them.

Now as much as I love lingerie shopping, it is a nightmare to find a bra that won't ride up to the middle of mu chest every time I raise my hand, feel comfortable and actually look good. This is one thing that I always go to the stores for.

I was curious to see the Rosie Huntington-Whitely range for M&S, I have had I set from the very first collection, which has sort of become my everyday go to. I honestly went into the store just to take a look, then I had a look and felt obliged to try. Once I tried the long line balcony bra on, there was no going back.

 First of all when you look at the pictures of Rosie modelling all the styles of course it looks gorgeous, but it actually looks pretty damn good on me too! And it felt so comfortable, it doesn't have the extra padding but it also is not see-through, and that makes it a really good summer option. The colour that I have is Antique rose (but I can see that it comes in winter white as well, although that was not available in the store that I went to). I absolutely adore the retro look of the set.

When it comes to the panties there are to options in the same fabric: Brazilian or midi knickers.

 Now I am not normally one for high rise undies, but these looked really cute and in keeping with the theme of the bra so I decided to get them (they will be good to wear with dresses).

The pre Valentine's offer in store is that if you spend £30 on Rosie underwear range you will get the Pink Marc de Champagne truffles for free (if you are buying pretty much any matching set from this range you will qualify, I couldn't find this offer on-line). I have to confess I am not a chocoholic, I do enjoy it from time to time, but I am more of a savoury than sweet type of person. The box and contents however look super cute, and I felt obliged to try them (for the blog post of course, strictly research).

 So these are milk chocolate truffles, flavoured with marc de champagne and dusted in icing sugar and freeze-dried strawberries. Oh my did these turn out to be delicious. They are just a perfect size to pop in your mouth, and I very much doubt that my husband will get his hands on any more of these (he already had one when I opened the box).


  1. Such a gorgeous set, the bra in particular looks lovely Xx

    1. so happy you agree, I absolutely love this set xx