Friday 28 February 2014

Inner-Soul Organics bespoke facial oil

I am never one to miss an opportunity to try a new facial oil. Imagine my excitement when Emma from Inner-Soul Organics decided to make one specifically for my pain in the behind skin.

Before putting the blend together Emma needed to know my age, skin type, skin tone, sensitivities and pregnancy status (to decide what ingredients go in).

In two weeks time I received a beautifully packaged bespoke facial oil with a letter describing the ingredients in it.

From the letter:

" Thistle Attuning Facial oil designed for your combination skin with a tendency for oiliness.
List of your ingredients:
Thistle oil - a wonderful thin, easily absorbed oil extracted from the leaves of the thistle plants found in the Northern Hemisphere. I chose it for you because it has natural skin balancing properties to reduce blemishes and excess sebum on the skin's surface.

Chia seed oil - another very dry, non-greasy oil created from cold pressing chia seeds, which will permeate your skin with Omega 3. I often use this oil because it is so nourishing but doesn't lead to excessive greasiness.

Apricot Kernel oil - moisturises, protects and actively restores skin.

Chilean Rosehips - clinically proven to promote cell rejuvenation, banishing blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Carrot extract - brings powerful anti-oxidant benefits and Vitamin A, slowing the ageing process, nourishing and improving skin quality, leaving a lovely finish and glow.

The essential oil blend of Manuka, Geranium, Rose absolute, Basil and Lemon has a feminine, warming scent to uplift the mind, whilst really cleansing and balancing out your skin's sebum production, protecting it from reactions and helping to banish blemishes.

Apply the oil to a clean face in the mornings and before you go to bed at night"

I adore the little bottle that the oil came in and the personal quote that was chosen for me: 'her beauty was warm like a baked seashell'. But presentation aside, I was a little sceptical. After all I know my skin so well, I have tried so many fantastic products, how different could this oil be?

The scent is truly uplifting, it is very warm and mildly floral. Every time I inhale it, it makes me think of amber, just like the stone, warm and sparkling. It smells very fresh, and goes away after a little while (that is my preference with face products, I really hate sniffing my cheeks all day, gives you a headache).

I was surprised at how light it felt, and how easily absorbed by my skin it was. It sank in so beautifully that there was a danger of me using a little too much, but I got a hang of eat quickly.
Some oils tend to exaggerate ones pores, there was none of that with my Attuning oil, in fact it was sort of the opposite (no they didn't disappear, but almost).

For the first two weeks I was using it both day and night. In fact the very first time I used it was at night, I noticed a few little blemishes starting to form, but I forgot to apply spot treatment. Thankfully there was no need, they where gone in the morning. It could have been a fluke, but I think it had something to do with the oil.

The weather changed and it became rather cold, so I had to designate this oil to night time use (my skin tends to need protection from the cold, and I need to use heavier products, yet it still doesn't like overly rich night products).

Now when it comes to wearing makeup over it. Cream foundations like W3ll people and RMS worked really well, but not the liquid water based ones. Powder worked great as well. Most of the time I was happy to go without foundation though, skin looked pretty even toned.

I still have a little oil left after more than 3 months nightly use (there where a few days breaks here and there, but not many), and my bottle is not even the full 30ml you will get when ordering from Inner-Soul.

Emma really knows what she is doing, I was truly impressed.

This was a PR sample, the review is my own honest opinion.

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