Tuesday 4 February 2014

Tata Harper Love Potion

I think you can compare a romantic evening to a three course meal in a restaurant. You get the starter, that is getting ready, spending time together is like the main course and what happens afterwards is the dessert. Personally I love starters, and I really like getting ready. Choosing your outfit, makeup and perfume. I tend to be very whimsical with my perfume choices, I like to have a variety on hand, but each one has to be special, and it has to be able to put me in the desired state of mind.

I was so excited when I saw that Tata Harper has created a limited edition perfume just before Valentines. It comes in two sizes: 5ml with a roller ball applicator and 10ml with a super cute spray puffer. I have the roller ball version that is perfect for a hand bag. As with other Tata Harper products I adore the packaging, however it is what's inside that counts.

Love potion is a blend of ten essential oils that are considered to be powerful aphrodisiacs, meant to stimulate the senses  and inspire confidence. This is not just a perfume, it is an aromatherapy blend.

Even though this blend has two of my favourite scents jasmine and rose, they are definitely not the dominant ones in this potion. In fact this is not your typical flowery sweet perfume, it definitely has some kick to it. I think this is because of the grapefruit top notes, it starts off very energetic and than softens down a little after an hour or so to a bit more floral and tender, and becomes mildly reminiscent of lilacs to me. It is not overly feminine, has wonderful freshness and crispness to it, a bit like a berry with a slight tart aftertaste.

Over all it lasts close to 5 hours on me. I really like the gradual evolution of the potion as the time progresses, it sort of lets you be this super confident seductress to begin with, and then helps you show a more tender and intimate side.

After using this perfume I think it is not a love potion in a sense that you spray it and your chosen one will fall at your feet, but in a sense that it helps you be the best version of  yourself. I would think of it as aromatherapy perfume for confidence and allure. Warning: it might make you feel like a siren, and the feeling is totally addictive.


  1. I picked up a sample of this yesterday and love it! Definitely made me feel siren-esque ;)

    Mayah x

    1. It is just so good! Glad it makes you feel the same way :) xx