Thursday 27 February 2014

Lotus wei Inspired Action perfume

February is the month when I always feel a little lethargic. It is not that I don't want to do things, I just struggle to find the energy or the drive to do them.

As I respond very well to aromatherapy, and I remembered my mini Lotus Wei sprays, the solution seemed obvious, I could really use a shot of Inspired Action.

But just to be sure I did a little test on the brilliant Lotus Wei app (and what do you know it agreed). I can not say enough good things about this app, if you use their products go ahead and download it, you get a mood test, an inspirational quote of the day and a journal area to record how you are feeling, super handy.

As I was about to add a spray bottle of Inspired action into my basket, I noticed that Content had a sale on the perfume version, so it was pretty much the same price. The perfume bottle is smaller and just more convenient to walk around with, I didn't have to thing long before deciding to go for the perfume instead.

The little 10 ml spray bottle comes encased in a reinforced cardboard tube (looks pretty snazzy), it is a dark glass bottle with a pretty flower label. I really like Lotus Wei packaging in general, it is just very pleasing to the eye.

This particular fragrance is all about citrus and spice. It has a delicious peppery undertone to it. I wouldn't say this scent is completely gender neutral, it's just not overly feminine. Reminds me of smoky summer evenings, heady and warm, and full of promise.

Every time I use it I do feel a slight "get up and go" vibe, but I also really like the way it smells, which can be a little counter productive as I end up sniffing my wrists instead of working on my projects.

I would say this version lasts about 4 hours (however the Infinite Love perfume lasted close to 8, I think each type will be a little different in terms of lasting power), which is definitely a lot longer than the spray.

I am just so pleased to have this little gem to help on those weeks when I need some extra gumption. Oh aromatherapy, what would I do without you?

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