Saturday 23 August 2014

Bodhi and Birch Rosa Rosa event

It is always exciting to here about new launches, but to get an opportunity to play with the products and chat to their creator, well that is just a dream come true to any self respecting green beauty addict. Especially if the brand in question is Bodhi and Birch.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you would have noticed that I have never reviewed anything from this brand, the reason is simple I have never tried any of their products. My knowledge of them was purely second hand, yet when I heard about (and saw the pictures) of the Rosa Rosa addition to the line up, I just knew that my impressive self restraint of the past few months (which is only impressive in the light of my usual shopping habits), was not going to hold out much longer.

The introduction of Rosa Rosa and the newly tweaked Bodhi and Birch took place at a lovely St Martin's lane hotel in central London. I arrived in the evening so stayed almost to the end. As I walked in, the first thing that hit me was how beautiful the display was, all the attention to detail was just breathtaking. And of course you could not help but notice energetic Elijah (the brain and the beauty, the creator of the collection) floating like a butterfly from one person to another, with product know how and a ready smile.

                                                                                                    Elijah & Rebecca

I was also very happy to be able to catch up with Rebecca (Biteable Beauty), who I haven't seen in absolute eternity, as I'm new to the brand she shared with me her personal favourites, and in the end we both came to a conclusion that Bohdi and Birch is one of those rare lines where everything smells good.

Within Bodhi and Birch there is a little division into the main range so to speak (which includes the shower and bath therapies, body lotions and now Rosa Rosa) and artisanal range that is packed in dark glass jars/bottles. The artisanal range is made in small batches every few months so the products you are getting will be really fresh, and they are very concentrated, they might appear smaller than their counterparts from other brands, but they will actually last you along while. There is something extremely appealing about the dark glass packaging, and these offerings from Bodhi and Birch artisanal range would no doubt make every bathroom look a little more decadent.

                                                                                                   Rosa Rosa display

Rosa Rosa range consists of a cream cleanser, mist toner and a face cream/lotion and the ingredients that it revolves around are rose, chamomile, rosehip and neroli (in the cream products). I tried everything on my arms and really liked the consistency of the products. They are formulated for normal to dry skin, yet the cream products did not feel heavy. If you are not a fan of rose scents (which is one of the ingredients in the range), the cream products actually smell more dominantly of neroli (the scent is not very strong which I for one appreciate in my face products). The toner (this really made my eyes sparkle from desire) a wonderful blend that includes rose water, orange blossom and chamomile, has a very faint scent to it and felt really wonderful on the skin no stickiness whatsoever and is apparently completely edible, so no worries about having your mouth open when you are spraying your face with this beauty (yes I admit, it happens to me more often than I would like).

                                                            Moustache cup: enjoy your cuppa whilst keeping your tash tea free and fabulous

The highlight of the evening was the moustache cup... No of course I am kidding, as fabulous as it was, the undeniable highlight was talking to Elijah Choo. It is always encouraging when the founder of the brand is in love with his own creations, and it was very apparent that Elijah is very passionate about his line. I did make him choose his favourite (yes yes so horrible of me, but I just could not resist), and it is the Rosemary Chi salt scrub. I must say it did look and smell very good, very fine pink Himalayan salts in a mix of softening shea butter, carrier and essential oils, very hard to deny my skin such a wonderful sounding treat. As we got talking about Rosa Rosa and skin types Elijah pointed out that for my skin (combo towards oily in the summer) during winter the cleanser and toner in the range are the ones to go for, but to swap the face lotion for Neroli luce face oil instead.

                                                                            The wonder scrub between the temple and lip balms

I left the event on a high feeling better than when I arrived (possibly something to do with the delicious food on silver trays that was carried around, and the healing aromas of Bodhi and Birch products that were wafting through the room). I did not leave empty handed, I believe the goodie bags content varied at random, but the luck pixies were clearly on my side as I was blown away by Jasmine falls and the shower/bath therapy in this scent was one of the things that was in mine (now I can literally bathe in jasmine and feel like Cleopatra). The other item in the bag was Rosa Rosa daily moisturiser, now even though I was told that it is probably not for my skin, since I have my hands on it, I really want to try it (I rarely find cream products that my face likes so if it works I will be over the moon), as soon as it is colder I will be opening it and crossing my fingers for success, it just sounds so good and it felt wonderful on my arm, I am keeping it to myself and no one can stop me.

Rosa Rosa and some wonderful travel/try me sets from Bohdi and Birch should be available in September.

And here is a short video blog to recap the event:


  1. You do need the scrub believe me in fact you need a few Bodhi and Birch items in your stash, so pleased you enjoyed it and I loved your write up, sorry to have missed you but hopefully there will be a next time :) Xx

    1. Well I now have two things so that is a start! I probably will get the scrub after the challenge though ;) xx

  2. Looks like it was really fun! I have the Neroli Lucé facial oil, it's truly out of this world, so good. And I absolutely adore the Lime Blossom hand serum. I only wish Bodhi & birch would ship outside of the UK, but luckily there's A&W that stocks a great amount of their products :) ps. I loved your makeup and the little car tour around London ;D xx

    1. It really was really good! I did try the hand serum, loved the scent, such an interesting product. Well you know I don't mind sending you some bodhi & birch if you can't get hold of it ;) xx

  3. Looks like you had a great time Tamara! Definitely love any opportunity to meet brand owners :)

    Mayah x

    1. Yes it was great! It is always nice to here what's what from the founders! Xx

  4. Lovely review, I am gutted I wasn't able to go x