Friday 29 August 2014

The starting over tag

Since I have been tagged for this by both Rachel (all natural aspirations) and Amber (Amber's beauty talk) there was really no way out. The idea behind this tag is that for some horrifying reason (truly this is what the nightmares are made of ) your beauty stash has disappeared entirely and to make the matters worse you can only get 16 items to replace those that are now somewhere in the black void.

Well at first I was thinking 16 items that is loads, easy... Yet, this has to include everything make up, skincare, shampoo... The truth is if I was doing this list last week it probably would have looked different, but at this moment in time it is a mixture of some tried and tested staples and a couple of things that I am lusting after. Why would I give up some of precious spaces to these unknown quantities? The truth is that is part of my character, even when I go to the shops to buy a replacement for something I often comeback with a product that I haven"t tried before, because I am curious about it. So even if I was starting from the beginning I wouldn't only buy things I know work, I would always want to discover something new.

Tried and tested.

Skin/body care:

1.S.W. Basics cleanser
2. Kris D'amour cleansing balm
3. S.W. Basics toner
4. Yuli Cocoon Elixir
5. George's Aloe vera spray
6. May Lindstrom Blue cocoon
7. Lina Hanson Global face serum
8. Kahina Lavender & Rosemary soap
9. R.L. Linden Deodorant


10.Kjaer Weis eyeshadow Wisdom
11. RMS beauty Lip 2 Cheek Beloved
12. Avril organic mascara
13. W3ll people tinted lip balm N.1 coral

The Unknowns.

14. Odacite peach + cypress serum
15. Yarok moisturising Shampoo
16. RMS lip shine Royal

This is my list, I had to think about it alot, the first 12 products were always unchanged through my deliberations. Those are the products that have been the corner stones of my daily routine ( the R.L. Linden deo being the only exception sinceI only have a travel size, but this will be rectified after the no-buy challenge). As I have been using makeup rather infrequently I only include my favourite and most used items.

Now that I had three spaces left for the untested items I just went for things that I will be trying to get in the near future. You will notice that there are no body oils/butters/moisturisers on the list, mainly because my skin is not dry, these are the things I can happily go without for long periods of time and if push comes to shove there is always olive oil in my kitchen.

To the nominations part, I am tagging:

Liz Smells Like a Green Spirit

Lilly Genuine Glow
Nic Organic Obsessions


  1. Damn right it is the stuff that nightmares are made of, this tag makes me feel quite ill, just 16 things .... *faints* ha! Xx

    1. I was like 16 that's not too bad, but then if you think about it that is peanuts compared to whats in my bathroom ;) xx

  2. Great selection of 16! I will try and do this post over the weekend! Thanks again for the tag Tammy! :3 xx

    1. thank you and always welcome, loved your post too xx

  3. Ahh it would be a nightmare wouldn't it! I had to think long and hard about this...I think I forgot deodorant haha!

    1. If I'm completely honest I would not be able to replace my whole stash even if wanted to, my money would not stretch that far lol, this collection is work of many months :)

  4. Great List Tamara! In your photo.. you have body deli? ;)