Friday 1 August 2014

Month in review...

I thought June was stressful... Well July took it to a whole new level. Chamomile tea has become my new best friend, calming me down with it's soothing scent and mild taste. Helping me face new challenges head on, with only a few short visits from impatience and irritability.

Speaking of challenges, I am taking a part in one where I committed not to buying any new beauty products until I use up 10 of the ones I already have. Samples do not count but travel sizes do as long as they are 10-15ml for face products and 20-30ml for body stuff. Once you get an empty it has to be shared over instagram and the other participants have to be tagged in the description, otherwise it will not count towards your ten. Your existing beauty box subscriptions are fine, but no signing up to new ones. I also realised that we have a few more participants then originally anticipated so it is difficult to include everyone in one tweet, if anyone wants to tweet about the challenge you can use #beautychallenge10, that way everyone can find it.

The list of the challengers:

Liz (Smells like a green spirit)
Nic (Organic obsessions)
Ru (Short small sweet)
Liz (well meaning being)
Katie (Katie Vibes)
Amber (Amber's beauty talk)
Mayah (Call it Vanity)
Julie (Makeup Passion Beaute)

I have already managed to finish my #1 product, which was a lip balm, but that was all I used up this month. Now you can see that I really do need to reduce the size of my stash, as I go between so many products all of them seem to last forever. Luckily I have a few that are close to being empty and I will concentrate on finishing those first.

The biggest change for Rainbow Feet however is a brand new You Tube channel. I already uploaded my second video, and I am so thankful for all the kind words of support and encouragement.

The star product of the month is my BKR bottle. Not really a beauty product, or is it?

We all know the importance of staying hydrated and how plastic can leach into your water, this bottle is a perfect solution for when you are out and about, or if you are like me, and always knock things of your night stand, which means having a glass of liquid on it is simply not safe. The colour I have is Mimosa.

Let down of the month is MuLondon White chocolate elbow, knee & heel cream. A favourite of many, it just does not do it for me. It was part of a beautiful world summer sampler box, and at first I was pretty excited. It comes down to this, although it smells all lovely and chocolaty, it is just too strong for my nose, I feel like I cannot get away from it when it is on my elbows.

 My knees and heels never get dry, I really do not need it for those and the mixture is quiet thick and concentrated to be used anywhere else on my body. I also just noticed that the expiry date was actually a few weeks after I received it, and I only used it once on the very first day I was going through the box. It still smells exactly the same, so I will try and get through the jar, however this little fact is what is preventing me from passing it on to someone who might actually get a good use of this product. (Amber pointed out that the date was a misprint, which was announced on the a beautiful world website, completely did not spot that, will pass it on to someone else).

Subscription boxes. I decided not to renew my Souk Souk subscription due to the fact that my sample stash is out of control. I kept the Petit Vour box for now, as it gives me something to look forward to during the no-buy challenge. The No More Dirty looks quarterly box got delayed, and is now expected to be shipped in August (hopefully that means it will be extra amazing).

This months Petit Vour was absolutely lovely. I have been wanting to try out Schmidt's deo for some time and I already am a fan of Pelle beauty. The serum I received was Nourish for normal/dry skin? I am positive I filled out that questionnaire stating that my skin type was combo, hm. Well I will try it out during colder months. I liked this months selection, it was my favourite so far, Petit Vour gets a fresh lease of life for another month.

Reading this month.

Being content tracked down some preloved copies of Vogue's Natural Health and Beauty book, 1979 edition. After exchanging a few words with Imelda, I could not resist it. I was fully prepared for it to be a novelty vintage item in my collection. How wrong was I! This book is an absolute treasure, full of DIY beauty recipes, nutritional know how and even exercise. I am not even nearly finished with this massive fountain of information, taking it slowly a few pages at a time, so it all sinks in. Photography and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. After reading modern day Vogue, this is nothing like what I was expecting, the book turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a beauty lovers dream.

I am feeling a little sad that most of the summer is behind us, but also excited for what the next month will bring.


  1. Looking forward to this challenge...I sort of want to use up products but I don't want to too quickly as then it'll mean I can buy more and I really really don't want to buy anything else haha! Love the look of the Petit Vour box!

    1. I know what you mean, really don't want to go of the rails just because the challenge is over. We will just have to be extra choosy and extra strong after it ends ;)

  2. The Vogue looks really interesting - I stopped buying any Elle/Glamour/Vogue because they just seemed to be mainly advertising, but that looks like a great purchase. I really want to try Schmidts too, look forward to your thoughts! x

    1. I only buy mags if i am travelling, they just don't have the same appeal anymore, this book on the other hand is awesome! xx

  3. Too bad you don't like the Mulondon cream, I couldn't get enough of it :) And what a gorgeous Vogue! xx

    1. yeah loads of people love it, well I will give it a few more tries, maybe I will change my mind, it just isn't all that useful to me :) xx

  4. I was surprised I got the Nourish oil too, coz I definitely don't have very dry skin. I've decided to cancel my PV by the way. It's crazy now we have so many taking part in the challenge! Let's all do our best! xoxo

    1. oh hm now I am thinking maybe I should cancel too? they already charged me for the next one so if I don't love it I see no point in sticking with it. xx