Monday 4 August 2014

May Lindstrom stash

Since the start of the no-buy challenge I have been trying to avoid browsing for the latest and shiniest beauty products in favour of rediscovering what I have in my bathroom cabinet. May Lindstrom products have a prominent position on the shelf. This is what I reach for if I want to feel extra pampered. A sense of well being envelopes me as soon as I catch a scent of anything from the line.

I may look like something from a childhood nightmare when strutting around in one of the masks, but I feel wonderfully relaxed and content. A few candles, some music, and my humble abode is transformed into the most luxurious spa.

My collection began with clean dirt (something that gets repurchased whenever a bottle is finished) and has steadily grown over the past two years. I did a little video going through everything that I have, and I am off to spray myself with the jasmine garden.

Products in the video:

clean dirt
honey mud
blue cocoon
jasmine garden
limited edition I am love face oil


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    1. it is good, yes...but the challenge isn't over yet, although you are moving along speedily :)