Thursday 2 May 2013

Ere Perez eye pencil and beetroot cheek & lip stain review

Ere Perez is an Australian natural make-up brand, one of their most famous products is the Almond oil mascara. That was what led me to them in the first place a few years back, but for some reason I still have not purchased one (I honestly don't know why, as I am sure I was planning to).

I have heard good things about their make-up range in general, I think my choice at the time (a year ago maybe a little more) was guided by what was lacking in my make bag.

Ere Perez natural jojoba eye pencil in brown. One of the first make-up items that I had as a teenager was an eye liner pencil. To this day if I am doing eye make-up that is what I prefer to use. They are just so versatile and easy to use. What attracted me to this particular pencil were all the reviews that said how soft it was. My eyes have been becoming more and more sensitive, to the point that I couldn't use conventional mascara even if I wanted to (eyes become seriously itchy). A gentle eye liner that wouldn't pull sounded perfect.

Texture is really very soft and it glides on smoothly. I like to apply eye liner to the top and bottom lid. I find that on the top eye lid it stays all day without budging, however on the bottom lid there does seem to be some smudging. To prevent that you either need to set it with powder or blend it in a little with a q-tip after application, as long as you do that it will last all day. If you only use eyeliner on the upper lid you don't need to do anything.

The colour is a very dark chocolate brown, almost black.

Packaging wise it comes with a lid that has a sharpener inside, if you want to use it then just pull top part of the lid off (it is a lid within a lid type scenario). It is a good sharpener if you are in a rush or travelling, however if you want to get a fine point use your normal one.

As this is a really soft pencil it is really great for having that slightly smudged, rock n roll smokey effect. My only problem with it is that it doesn't come in more colours.

Ere Perez natural beetroot cheek & lip stain in Joy. I was rather fond of benetint back in the day, so when I saw this, it was inevitable that I would be getting it. Joy is the original colour, some time last year they introduced two more.

It smells like rose water (probably from dog rose as I can not see any added fragrance in the ingredients). Dog rose is the plant (flower) from which rose hip fruit comes from.

dog rose (rosa canina)extract
beet ( beta vulgaris) extract
potassium sorbate
polysorbate 20
sodium chloride
Despite the fact that it has beetroot, which tends to look more red purple, this stain is definitely on the coral side. It is very bright and it dries fast, so you really need to watch the quantity and make sure to blend immediately (it is waterproof you will need to remove it with an oil based cleanser). I did apply a little more than what I usually would wear for the pictures (you can get it to look very natural).

Here is the low down: make sure your skin is well moisturised as it will give you just a little extra time for blending; it has a roller ball but I would suggest rolling it on to your finger and then quickly tap and blend, making sure not to press harder in different areas or you will have patches of colour that look darker and lighter on your cheeks; repeat for more colour if you want. If you do find that you overdid it or have edges that you couldn't blend out because it has dried do not panic, take a little bit of you normal foundation or concealer and go over those areas (you are not trying to mask it, just dull some areas down, so just a little on the fingertip is enough).

For the lips: apply a lip balm, have it on for 5 to 10 minutes then wipe off; you can apply straight witha roller ball then blend or with a finger (whichever you prefer just make sure to blend after or it can dry unevenly). You can apply lip balm or gloss over it just be careful as the oils in those products can potentially remove the colour (as long as you are gentle it is fine). It does stay on all day until you use an oil to remove it.

I really like both of these products although the cheek stain can take a little time to get used to.

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  1. How do I purchase Ere Perez in the UK? For example, I'd love to try their foundation but there is no way to know if the colour would be too dark without gambling & ordering it. It's not cheap enough to gamble on shades... £10 just for postage to the UK from Au.