Wednesday 8 May 2013

How I organise my make-up

I feel that I should start with a warning. There will be a lot of make-up in this post (more than what one person needs). I do have a magpie syndrome when it comes to beauty products and even though I don't use a lot on day to day bases my stash is significant. Believe it or not it used to be much worse and I am working on reducing it further.

This is what I have right now.I have a bunch of make-up bags that I keep in a basket and each bag is organised by category. I will go through each one in turn.

Ilia beauty and unopened. I use ilia very often and it was just easier for me to have it all in one place. Also this bag opens in such a way that everything is visible so it makes it easy for me to find particular shade of ilia that I am looking for.

 All the unopened items I keep at the bottom and Ilia on top.

Products that will expire soonest. If a product will be expiring in the next 4 months or less it is in this bag. To make sure that I don't forget to use them up.

At the moment most of my RMS is in this bag and Organic Glam by organic pharmacy. With rms there isn't much product left in most of them (I have a fair amount of magnetic still) and not much organic glam. But the lavera tinted cream is almost full and so is the Neal's yard lip gloss.

Products that I use least. At the moment this has majority of my eye make-up, powders and lip glosses.

 I just haven't been using much of them lately I like all the product in this bag just at the moment they are not my go to make-up.

Products that I use most. I keep these in a see through bag so it is easier to find what I want. This is the bag that has everything for an easy day time look and this is what I go for when I am in a rush (so a lot of the time). Here I have my W3ll people collection (old and new). Two mascaras, one black one brown. Two bronzers one with shimmer one without. And my Une foundation that I absolutely adore (this is the first and only liquid foundation that I have ever liked, I have always used powder in the past).

"Dirty" make-up. I had a little relapse last year and purchased Guerlain Sun in the city powder. I prefer the way powder highlighters look on me and I just haven't been able to find a clean version of a gold pressed powder. If you know of one pleas tell me. And I also got one of there kohls at the counter (very bad especially since I do know a good alternative).

The rest have been presents that after some deliberation I have decided to keep (most haven't been opened).
Oh once I needed a concealer when I was out and there wasn't any stores with natural make-up around, that is how I got the Body shop one.

Perfume. Not make-up, but I do keep it in a make-up bag. I haven't actually found a lot of perfumes that I like ( I was fussy even before going "clean"). I always liked fresh scents and something a little spicier for the evenings. So I just don't use perfume very often any more.

 I also buy samples of the more expensive ones that I like. Choice of perfume for me strongly depends on my mood and with prices of some having more than one bottle is not possible for me so I get sample sizes if they are available to buy. I also have intelligent nutrients Jasminas in my hand bag as it is in favour at the moment.

Sample organisation. I also categorise my samples. In one bag I have those that I haven't tried yet.

 The red bag is for the samples of products that I like, those I normally try and keep so I can take them with me when travelling.

And the smallest bag is for make-up samples that I haven't tried.

Most of the samples I have are the ones that have been included with orders. I occasionally request a specific product that I am thinking of buying to make sure that I don't have a reaction. I only tend to keep the ones I like or am curious about the rest I give away.

The reason that there aren't many lip balms in my make-up bags is because I have them strategically placed around the house and in each handbag that I use frequently (I used to forget to put a lip balm in after swapping a handbag and ending up either with dry lips or an extra balm that there was no need for!). I also have some lipsticks that seem to live in certain handbags too. I do have 2 or 3 more make-up items that don't fit into the bags at the moment and I just keep them with my skin care.

As a last thing I wanted to make a point about organic glam. I am fairly fond of them because of the way the products perform, but they do have synthetic ingredients and preservative seems to be honeysuckle exctract , also they don't actually have the ingridient list for the make-up on their website, I find that odd and inconvenient. The only product that I will consider repurchasing is the golden highlighter the rest will be replaced by other brands.


  1. Adore your makeup collection, especially the Ilia bag! Very smart way of organizing :)

  2. You've got some lovely stuff! I love peeking into other natural makeup collections:) It's great you stay on top of expiry dates...I'm pretty lax about that.

    1. Yeah me too! I hope to see some soon! With expiry skin is super reactive and when I accidentally used a product that was past its date, I have had serious allergic reactions so it is really a necessity for me :) x

  3. I am jealous of your organizing skills! awesome


    1. Thanks:) I hope you are going to show us your stash soon xoxo

  4. Interesting to see your organisation... I really should categorise mine. Have recently been looking into the Pacifica perfumes - so off to see what you thought of those. :) I have the Salt of the Earth spray too - I love the little bottle it comes in. x