Friday 10 May 2013

What is in my Badger Hamper

So I recently won a Badger Balm hamper on twitter (no it wasn't me dancing for joy when I realised I won, it was someone who looked suspiciously like me.....ok fine it was me, I am easily excitable).

Even though I saw the picture of the hamper there wasn't a description that I saw, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

For some reason I didn't think that they would actually send me the badger toy and the basket even though they were in the photo (I just assumed it was done for props and that I would just get the products inside?) but I am really pleased that I got them too. I really do have a soft spot for baskets.
I loved the hand written cute card that I received as well.

Now to the main point of what is inside!

There are 4 lip balms (I am a huge lip balm junkie and surprisingly I haven't actually tried the badger lip balms before) in pink grapefruit, tangerine breeze, vanilla madagascar, ginger & lemon. I am saving these for when I run out of some of my current lip balms, but it is ridiculously hard not to open and sniff every single one of them. Especially looking forward to trying the tangerine breeze and ginger & lemon as I have never had any lip balms with those scents.

I also got seven tins (I love these designs, I have a couple empty ones from the balms purchased in the past, they are just too cute to throw away, and yes I can be a bit of a hoarder). I haven't used any of these balms in the past either.

Four of them are what I would refer to as aromatherapy balms: yoga & meditation balm, cheerful mind balm, tension soother, sleep balm. I am most looking forward to trying cheerful mind (it sounds like it would smell delicious) and the sleep balm as I do have troubles falling asleep frequently and the sheep need a rest from being counted.

The other three tins are more classic body care: muscle rub, cuticle care, for hard working hands. All of them will be very handy.

 Mr Badger toy is made of organic cotton and I think I will have to do some photos around London featuring him.

I am ridiculously pleased with this hamper, all the products are new to me, it is just an awesome unexpected present!


  1. I love that they included the toy badger and it looks like you got some great stuff too! Badger is one of my favorite brands :)

  2. That's a great prize, I'm currently trying the Sleep Balm

    1. Please let me know how it goes for you x

  3. What a great prize very cute! I like badger balms they always smell lovely. x