Thursday 30 May 2013

Summer essentials

Every time summer comes around I like to get some colourful lip products and nail varnishes. But they are different every year. What doesn't change is my summer essentials, these are the things that I would struggle without during this season.

Badger sport sunscreen stick SPF35. I have done a review of this recently. I really like this spf product, the stick is easy to reapply and I have not had any break outs or irritations from it. Fits easily even in my small handbag and is great for tricky areas like nose and ears.

Green people scent free sun lotion spf25. This is the first natural sunscreen that my husband hasn't been complaining about. The formula is not heavy and is easy to spread. You can get a travel sized version to pop in your bag. I am very happy with it and for UK weather spf level is sufficient. I have used it on my face with no problems, when I have forgotten my badger stick at home, so you could easily use this as an allover sunscreen.

Lily of the Dessert Aloe Vera gelly. All store bought aloe vera gels have some sort of additives to keep them fresh and this has been the first one that I have been able to use on my face as well as on my body. I mix it with a little oil in my palm and then apply to my face/body after sun exposure. It feels very cooling and doesn't leave that slick film that some heavier body oils do.

Z-gel. This is an all-purpose soothing gel for bruises, minor cuts, itchy or irritated skin, insect bites, sunburn. I try to have in my house at all times just in case but especially so in the summer when I tend to accumulate scratches (I have no idea where they come from), sunburn is always a possibility and mosquitoes do find me irresistible. Z-gel is very helpful with all of those and even as a spot treatment (not the best spot treatment but it does help especially if you forget to pack a proper one whilst on hols). Oh and you can also use it for emotional stress and anxiety, but I have not tried. It is EcoCert certified.

Hurraw sun lip balm. Skin on the lips needs protection just like anywhere else and if you ever experienced sore, sensitive lips after a day in the sun you will really appreciate this. It has zinc for spf but when you apply it, feels just like the other hurraw balms. Smells like a fruity lollipop, very summary.

Do you guys have any go to summer products?


  1. Hurraw! is also in my summer staple bag - I really like how it smells. I saw a sample size of the Green People sunscreen in town yesterday, so perhaps I will pick it up next time and give it a go. thanks! x

    1. that smell is delicious :)Grab that sample it is really worth trying xx