Monday 6 May 2013

Rms beauty make-up review

Rms beauty 'un'cover up was the first natural make-up product that I have purchased (that was about 4 years ago). My skin care and body care were mostly clean by then but my journey with clean make-up was only just beginning. There was a few things that were appealing about the brand: Dr Alkaitis endorsement (that was how I found out about it), the whole idea about make-up that is good for your skin, and the fact that the products were not meant to mask but enhance.

At the time I was not aware of my sensitivity to jojoba so you can imagine my frustration with Rms products (all of them apart from Living luminizer have jojoba). Because of that it was a love hate relationship. Now I know what can go where and am much happier. The only product that is multi tasking for me (not counting the coconut oil) is the living luminizer.

I will be reviewing all the Rms products that I have in my kit at the moment.

Rms beuty cream eye shadow in solar and magnetic. I am not actually a fan of cream formulations (I have always been a powder girl for blush, eye shadow and foundation). I think these ended up in my possession simply because even though I prefer powder, I am not the biggest fan of loose powder and the colours are absolutely beautiful. Also the idea that eyeshadow would double up as a moisturiser for the lid seemed intriguing.

I go through phases with these. Some days I absolutely love them. Really quick to add a hint of colour, they don't irritate my eyes and they really bring out the colour of my eyes. Other days I wish I could make them look more intense without them creasing. They are meant to be worn lightly but when I dip my finger into the pot and see such an intense colour I can't help but wish that I could replicate it on my eye lid too.

 The only way I have managed that is if you use it like a liquid liner, that way it works but for all over lid application you really do need to stick to instructions (take a little on the tip of you your finger and massage in like you would a moisturiser) if you want to avoid creasing.  It does crease a little on me when applied on the whole eye lid (but it is only visible when my eyes are completely closed and you have to be ridiculously close to my eye to notice).

Solar. Is a bronzed gold colour and my absolute favourite. It is very shimmery but the size of the shimmer particles is not overly big  and I find the whole effect very flattering. If you have no sensitivities to the ingredients it would make a great all over highlighter. One of my favourite products to use in the summer evenings. A little of this on my lid, red lip, and I am even happy to skip mascara.

Magnetic. I got this colour because it is meant to look great with blue eyes. In the photo it looks silver/grey but when you swatch it there definitely is more brown. I would've preferred it to be more grey for all over lid application (I only ever use brown shadow like a liner, just don't like it on me in any other way). As a liner it looks great.

Rms beauty lip products. I have a little collection lip2cheek, lip shine, lip and skin balms. As previously mentioned I only use them on the lips but I am sure they could be great multi-tasking products for someone else.

Lip2cheek in smile and modest. These used to be my go to products before I had Ilia. I still like them but it is much easier to apply lipstick out of the tube and as I don't use these on my cheeks I seem to be reaching for them less. Rms beauty is looking to unveil her tubed lipsticks in the fall and I am really looking forward to that.

Smile. This a lovely coral shade it is a little muted (more orange than pink) coral. This is the only product in the line that has some synthetic colour (very little). It is quiet moisturising.

Modest. This is my favourite colour. In fact I didn't even like it when I saw it on line. It was once I tried it in  the store that I fell in love with it. Really brings out my eyes, just a gorgeous shade that is a mixture of pink and and orange and a hint of red. This one also leaves a stain behind so I don't really need to reapply very often. It is a little more drying than the smile formulation, I always apply lip balm before a first application, afterwards I just top up without lip balm and I have not had any problems with lips drying out.

Lip shine in bloom. This was actually a Christmas present from my hubby (no idea how he came up with that one since he doesn't know the names of any of the brands I use, must have been going through my make-up stash when I wasn't home). I really like the texture it is very creamy maybe even a little gel like, very hydrating and has a lovely slightly glossy look. The colour is very close to my natural lip colour, light rosy/nude pink. I mostly use it on low key days and if I am playing up my eyes (not very often lately). It won't be the colour that I will get again but I really like the product itself so I will get Sacred once this runs out (to be fair to my other half when he got it, there was only choice between Bloom and Moment, for me Bloom is a better choice). I prefer applying lip2cheek with fingers but lip shine looks best when applied with a lip brush.

Lip and skin balm in vanilla and cocoa. These are really good matt lip balms. Absolutely wonderful under lipstick. I don't have these in my hand bag because they need a finger application (let's face it hands are not very clean when you are out and about). Admittedly having both is a little excessive (I wasn't sure which one to go for). The are exactly the same apart from one has vanilla extract and the other one doesn't. The fragrance is very subtle from the ingredients themselves. One is light vanilla and the over is a hint of cocoa. They are not at all heavy just moisturising, don't feel any product on once it absorbs (1-2 minutes). I can see this being a great multitasking product for some one who has dry areas as the it doesn't add any shine.

Rms beauty Living Luminizer. This was the last product that I have tried from the range. It took me a while because I prefer warmer highlighters.

But it was getting so much "must have" feedback that I ended up getting it. What I like about it is the pearlescent effect. I don't like highlighters with large glitter chunks and this gives a wonderful iridescent glow.

 In the pot it looks like it could have some light gold tones to it but on my skin it is definitely more towards white. For that reason I do not love it.  It is great as part of a make up look (dark liner, rouge, bright or nude lip) but I don't like the way it looks on me on it's own (it just seems to accentuate my paleness). If it was more golden it would be my holy grail product.

Just as an idea this is one of the ways I like to wear Rms. Solar and magnetic as eye liner (solar on the inner corner extended half way on top and bottom eye lids, magnetic the rest of the way and the outer corners both top and bottom) and modest on lips, you can see how different the colours look in different light.

At the moment my favourites from the line are Solar and Modest. I like the way the packaging looks yet I would've preferred if it was in tubes like Vapour. Rms is very easy to use and performs well if you don't try to use too much. I would like to try 'un' powder at some point and of course the upcoming lipsticks.

You can get them in a few places including Naturisimo and Cult Beauty.


  1. I love the look of RMS but tend to use powders more often than liquids, the lip to cheek in smile looks like a lovely summer colour though! x

    1. Yeah I used to be like that too, but it seems that there are more clean cream products in the colours that I like than the powders x

  2. The colour Modest looks really nice on you! I have got Modest too, but it doesn't look that good against my skin tone. I love RMS Beauty especially the lip shines. They might be subtle but I love subtleness (with a bit of pigment). Bloom and Sacred are the only ones I haven't tried.. I might need to get both.

    1. Oh thank you so much!I have the same with smile, I think it is lovely but there are other colours that look much better on me :) Bloom is a great understated colour and I can't wait to get my hands on sacred!

  3. Agree with Asti - Modest looks really lovely on you. x