Wednesday 26 March 2014

Which shade of red?

Red lipstick has become a classic, it is never really out of fashion and it is my go to for an evening look. You can let your lips do the talking and leave your eyes completely bare, or pair it up with a little flick of a liquid liner or even go for a dramatic cat eye to make a statement. It really depends on the occasion and your personal preference.

If super bright red lip is something you prefer to admire from afar, there are plenty of toned down reds that look absolutely gorgeous.

Kjaer weis in passionate and burt's bees tinted lip balm in rose are your perfect daytime reds. Kjaer weis is slightly less glossy and I do prefer the texture of it, but otherwise they are really close to each other (practically interchangeable).

Ilia bang bang and lily lolo French flirt are muted down reds, they look different on the lips. Bang bang is glossier and slightly see through, and a little brighter. French flirt is more pigmented, the sort of colour that is not out of place during the daytime, but would also look good when having cocktails.

Now to my favourite bright reds. Rms beloved and Ilia wild child are similar in shade, but beloved is a little more versatile. It goes on sheerer, therefore you can vary the intensity of the colour. Wild child on the other hand has the ease of the tube application. They are not exactly the same, Beloved is just a little bit more poppy red. I do feel that they are somewhat interchangeable, but I like this  particular colour so much that I feel the need to have both.

Ilia Crimson and clover is a slightly deeper red, that leaves an absolutely gorgeous clover/raspberry stain behind. This is a bit of a chameleon lipstick and an absolute staple for me. This is the lipstick that I go for when I feel indecisive. I normally put on just a little bit of mascara, crimson & clover, and I am ready for an evening out.

Xenca cherry is the latest addition to my reds, and I feel that the picture does not do it justice. The hue is a little cooler than the other colours, it is a true cherry red and it is so so vibrant. It is the most long lasting out of all my lipsticks ( as long as I am a little careful when eating/drinking, I don't even need to reapply at all).

My collection is almost complete, I feel that it is missing a darker red, I have been using rms diabolique and beloved to achieve that colour, but once diabolique runs out, I'll probably try to find a single product to fill in the gap.

The following lipsticks have carmine: burt's bees in rose, kjaer weis in passionate, lily lolo in French flirt.

Rms, xenca and ilia do not contain carmine.


  1. What a lovely collection, and a really helpful post :) I'm really wanting to get some brighter shades for the summer so I think I might go for Ilia bang bang or RMS beloved - the shades all look so lovely on! x

    1. They really are, which is why it is so hard for me to downsize! Bang bang and beloved are both great for summer because you can layer them for intensity or keep them sheer as you please. Beloved is a bit more dramatic though. I am so pleased you found this post helpful! Xx

  2. I was just thinking of doing this similar post, I love reds! :) I was going to get Lily Lolo french flirt too, but afraid the shade was too similar to Bang Bang. Still tempting though! Do you have any other Lily Lolo fav lipstick shades?

    Crimson Clover is what I'm dying to get next! and I agree with you on the shade Beloved.

    1. they look similar on the arm swatches but on the lips their is noticeable difference, French flirt is more muted and also more pigmented. I have lily lolo in intense crush and Parisian pink. Intense crush is a little similar to Ilia in paradise (but I do prefer ilia in this instance). Parisian pink has to be my fave out of all three, it is just perfect, I think it will look very pretty on you xx