Sunday 9 March 2014

Sunday brunch

This Sunday the sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was no way we were spending the day indoors. However I also realised that a family birthday is coming up in just over a week, and I still don't have a present for the lovely lady. I had a grand idea of making a trip to Teddington, with its myriad of quirky shops, I was sure to find something. Completely forgetting that all those lovely independent shops are closed on Sundays!

Nothing could dampen my mood though, so we had a slight change of plans, instead of a shopping trip this was changing into brunch. We walked the length of the high street (it is not that big but really lovely), and the coffee shop that caught my eye was The Fallow deer. This is a small place with a vintage vibe, and it was absolutely packed with people.

Having never been there before, I think I must have looked a little lost trying to figure out weather or not they only served cake. Within thirty seconds one of the girls approached us and explained what all the cakes were and also mentioned that they have a full savoury menu. At this point we grabbed the last available table.

The menu is compact, yet there are choices for breakfast and lunch (after 11 am). Some of the cakes are gluten free and they also have gluten free bread. When I came home I was happy to find that they have a website, that explains about their suppliers and has the full menu printed.

I was in the mood for fruit tea, and the blend that they had was wonderfully fragrant, I could especially taste rosehips.

As for food, I chose a grilled goats cheese and beetroot salad. It was scrumptious, the cheese was lovely and warm, and surprisingly, so was the beetroot. You could really tell that the food was freshly prepared then and there. The sprinkled pumpkin seeds gave my salad a little extra nutritious boost.

Now even though I don't have an especially sweet tooth, those cakes looked just too good. I opted for the summer fruit frangipani cake, and Mr. RF chose golden plum frangipani.

The summer fruit slice came with a saucer of cream. It was absolutely lovely and indulgent, the sponge was a little on the dryer side and the cream complemented it perfectly.

As golden plum was the one I hesitated over, I was really frilled that I would get to try it too. Yet Mr. RF was trying to persuade me that it wasn't good, whilst clearing his plate with a speed of a panther. I did manage to steal a bite in the end, and of course it was absolutely delicious. I think I have to say that I preferred golden plum, but both cakes were a real treat.

The Fallow deer really turned what could have been a wasted trip into a pleasant Sunday outing. And since I do like my eggs I am hoping to come back soon, the breakfast choices were pretty impressive. I also noticed a few people ordering things to take away, oh if it was my local I fear I would go there everyday. The food was simple and delicious, service friendly and knowledgeable and to top that with a wonderful atmosphere, a gem of a place.

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