Wednesday 5 March 2014

de Mamiel Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate review

The latest edition to Annee de Mamiel fantastic selection of teas and seasonal oils is the Botaniques range.

Although I would have loved to have sampled absolutely everything, thankfully not all my senses have abandoned me, and I still have some control over my compulsive spending on new beauty products.

After some deliberation I have settled on the Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate. It is a clay based, powder cleanser that gets activated with water. This type of cleanser is close to my heart, and something that normally works really well with my skin type.

It comes in a dark glass bottle, the cleanser itself is a very fine, pastel pink powder. It has a very subtle, slightly sweet, milky scent. The whole product from look to feel, comes across as gentle.

This cleanser is meant to be used once daily only (1-3 times a week for super sensitive skins), and my personal preference is to use it in the evenings. I had no problem using it every day, but eventually settled on a couple of times per week, because of my regular use of the Konjac sponge.

When regularly using this cleanser, I found myself not needing to use the clay masks ( I still do occasionally out of habit, but not nearly as often as I used to).

The main ingredient is Moroccan Rhassoul clay, which is the gentlest and most beneficial clay for the skin in my opinion. In fact this cleanser is full of very beneficial ingredients: pink clay is great for sensitive skin, buttermilk powder is a gentle exfoliant, sea salt is wonderful for keeping skin clear, rosehips powder for brightening the complexion, pearl powder is thought to be effective at fading acne scars.

You only need a tea spoon at a time mixed with water drop by drop, until it forms a cream like consistency, therefor it looks like a bottle will last awhile ( I think I have a bit over 2/3 of the bottle left after using it through out the winter).

It has been a wonderful edition to my routine.

I though I would add a little update on my seasonal oil review at the end of this post. I promised to do a follow up post ages ago and I just never got around to it.

The bottle lasted about three and a half months, I was testing a few other products from time to time, so if I was using the oil exclusively like it was intended, the quantity is exactly what you need for the season.

I also tested it out on my sister when she was staying with me, and it balanced out her skin nicely as well. Overall a beautiful oil.


  1. What a cool pic with the pearls! I would love to try this out, my skin is also reacting super well to a powder cleanser. Not having to use Clean Dirt for 2 weeks now, I can see that my skin is a bit more congested that it usually is. How do you like it in comparison to May's? Is it completely different?

    1. Yay, glad you like the photo :) ok the only thing the same is that you need to mix them with water. I find that de mamiel is generally more gentle and washes of easier, and I can use it more often. I do love how May Lindstrom smell, and the way it turns into a mousse, but I think for people with super sensitive skin de mamiel is a better option. Xx