Saturday 8 March 2014

Let's talk lip balms

I don't think I am quiet ready to tell you how many lip balms I have lying around ( a girl has to keep some secrets, right?). I  love to have a choice and also different lip balms are good for different things. Some lip balms get forgotten after I finish the tube, while others are religiously replaced. The following list is of the ones that are currently in favour.

Best under lipstick:

A matt lip balm that has a thinner consistency, that quickly softens the lips is always best under lipstick. If your lip balm is quiet heavy or glossy, lip colour will just slide off it. In my opinion Eos lip balms are perfect for this. They are exactly the right texture, really easy to apply quickly, plus I love the way they smell. The one I have currently is summer fruit and it smells like peach tea. I will tell you a little secret, this is my third eos balm, and I haven't actually bought any of them. Naturisimo does them as a gift with purchase every so often, and also love lula stocks them, so you can use your points to get one.

Best for year round wind protection:

Dizao lip balm* forms a sort of barrier on your lips that will not budge. If its really windy outside (especially cold wind), my lips will get chapped unless I use this. It is a good all round lip balm, but it really shines when it comes to protecting your lips from the elements. The one I have is delicious cinnamon, and it has been the first cinnamon lip balm that did not make my lips tingle, I was really pleasantly surprised. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to variety with dizao organics, I have my eye on a few other flavours.

Best for winter and chapped lips:

Yes it happens, I forget my lip balm at home or I don't drink enough water and end up with chapped lips. Then S.W. basics is the one I reach for, it seems to sort my lips out by the end of the day. It feels like butter on the lips, the most hydrating and nourishing lip balm. But because of this wonderful texture it melts easily when its really warm, I would not keep it in your pocket and would be careful not to twist up too much product if weather is warm. I got mine with a beauty box in the cocoa flavour, and it smells absolutely delicious, just like cocoa butter.

Best for summer:

Most of the lip balms I have are from Hurraw and I have liked all of them apart from grapefruit. These are on the glossier side which makes them perfect for no makeup days (just to add a little something). I love the shape, and I always have one in my pocket in the summer. These are a little bit harder in texture than most over lip balms, and that makes them perfect as they don't melt too easily. The current flavour in rotation is chocolate, which I find smells more like fudge than chocolate, but I love it anyway.

Tinted lip balms:

I have decided to exclude the more pigmented lip balms like Ilia and W3ll people from this category, as I find that if your lips are a little on the dry side, colour exaggerates and settles in the cracks, in my head I think of them as moisturising lipsticks. The following two products have just a hint of colour, which doesn't make the matters worse.

My ultimate love is Tata Harper be adored. I can not get over how delicious it smells. I have noticed that when my lips are dryer there is actually better colour payoff. It makes my lips feel really plump and hydrated, so much so that I am considering to try the non tinted versions. Now the price is high for this product, so it is definitely an indulgence. I think it is quiet different to other lip products and the more I use it, the more I like it.

Rosy lip tint from Marble and Milkweed has fairly little colour payoff on my lips, it just makes them healthier looking, as lips tend to look a little pail when they are dry. What is different about this product, is that it is quiet matt and feels quiet thin, so if you are one of those people that generally does not like the filling of lip balm, this one is for you. It makes my lips feel like velvet, and I did not expect it at all based on the texture, It has a delicate rose and honey fragrance. I have been getting a little fed up with all the rose scents ( I know shocking coming from me), but this one somehow is still a winner.

Am I the only one who has lip balms for different occasions? Let me know in the comments.

* PR sample, the review is my own opinion


  1. I stopped reading after Dizao lip balm you had me at cinnamon ;-) I still haven't got around to trying Hurraw and I have the Marble & Milkweed in Cardamom which is a unique flavour but I like it

    1. I know how you feel, I love the smell of cinnamon. I was looking at their cardamom lip balm, thought it was interesting. Maybe next time :) xx