Wednesday 26 March 2014

Let's talk chocolate

When I was a kid I swear there was no better food than chocolate. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't really get to eat it all that often was what made it more special, or maybe it really was a different recipe back then. Because I still remember how good a plain milk chocolate bar tasted when I was six, and the thing is, it really doesn't taste the same to me now that I am older.

Nowadays I have chocolate once in a blue moon, not because I am on a diet or deny myself sweets, I am just not that bothered. When I do have one, I prefer it to have some sort of filling, like a lemon mousse, or pieces of strawberry.

When I came across sacred chocolate I was very intrigued, it has quiet a few different varieties with one thing in common, organic raw chocolate made out of the whole bean, nibs and husks included. A little heart shaped bar will set you back £6.95, but promises an indulgent experience like no other plus an antioxidant boost. I have to say I did like the idea of a sweet treat that can also be a supplement, so I chose to try the bars in Twilight and Immuno Mushroom variety.

As I was munching on my chocolate bar (which are just a single portion, the heart fits comfortably in the palm of my hand), I decided to do a little research on the benefits of raw chocolate. And of course what I found made me want to crawl under the duvet and hide away forever, because as usual it is not straight forward. Some think that chocolate is an amazing super food, yet others argue that it is something to be avoided and that it is addictive like a drug.

I do not want to paraphrase people, as nutrition is not a subject that I feel I have a lot of knowledge in, but there seems to be two camps, those who are strongly for it and those that are against.
So here is a link about the founders of sacred chocolate, the whole website has a lot of information on the virtue of raw chocolate. And here are links to a different view on the subject:  number one and number two.

After reading everything ( I did read a lot more than just the links above), I came to a conclusion that I will carry on as normal. I will continue to eat chocolate when I feel like it, the whole chocolate is good for you reminds me of those articles about the benefits of red wine. As resveratrol is an antioxidant it appears that drinking red wine is great for you, but the alcohol part is not good though, which leaves a question: how much is beneficial and how much is actually harmful? I do enjoy an occasional glass of red wine and I do enjoy an occasional piece of chocolate, but I don't think over indulging in anything is a good idea. Yet the argument against having chocolate ever makes me feel like I should put on a space suit, as everything is bad for me and germs are everywhere and out to get me (ok I am being a bit melodramatic here). It just gets a little tiring having to think about how everything we eat, or put on our skin, or clean our house with can be potentially harmful, even if it is organic. It feels like I need to have a degree in chemistry, and nutrition, and medicine just to do my weekly shop.

Back to the topic at hand.
The sacred chocolate bars taste very creamy, to be honest I have tried a few organic chocolate bars and these are the first ones that I actually liked. The immuno mushroom is dark chocolate with a slightly earthy after taste ( I am guessing the mushrooms?). The twilight chocolate has a faint vanilla note instead, but otherwise they are both equally as smooth. I think that twilight is more traditional and the immuno mushroom could be for an acquired taste.

However Mr. RF, who considers himself to be some sort of chocolate connoisseur, did not like the twilight bar, he said that the blend just did not work, and he point blank refused to try the mushroom one.

I find the bars to be quiet rich, I can only have half of one at a time. I would be interested in trying the milk chocolate version, but overall it is a pleasant but pricey treat. I guess it all depends how much you like your chocolate, generally I prefer papayas and watermelons any day, and sacred chocolate is no exception.


  1. They both sound good, the mushroom one is definitely very intriguing! I think I would try them as treat :) x

    1. the mushroom one is definitely unusual, if you enjoy dark chocolate these are lovely :)