Wednesday 19 June 2013

Brand focus: BM beauty

I think I have been rather vocal about how much I don't like loose powder. Mainly for one reason: I am messy, and it seems every makeup application ends up with my husband having to hoover me and my surroundings (I always accidently shake a pot without the lid on it, so powder ends up all over the clothes/carpet/bed).

For this reason I do not buy a lot of products that are loose powder, but I can not deny that some of them are very good. Most (if not all) of my mineral powder makeup is from BM beauty. I find them to be very affordable and good quality. I thought I would concentrate on eyeshadow in this post, but will give a quick overview of other products that I have from them.

One of the co-founders is a former Pussy cat doll, the range is cruelty free and has no bismuth.

Lip glosses. I have tried three colours from the range: cherry bomb, nude and indian summer and like them all. They are fairly sheer (cherry bomb is pretty much see through, the other two have more pigment) and not sticky, just nice daytime glosses or great to use if you are playing up your eyes.

Mineral foundation. This was the first mineral foundation that did not make my skin itch like crazy. After playing around with the samples I settled on the honey mist version, which matches my skin tone perfectly in the summer.

Mineral Concealer. Not sure if this product is strictly necessary but I have it in a slightly paler shade so I mix it with foundation in the winter to have a good match and I also go over blemishes with it. Both products work well together.

Eyeshadow. I purchased a shade called wolf howl (what a great name) which is a midnight purple that has a pearly shimmer effect. I also have samples of her majesty which is a sparkly pink, dusty road a sparkly bronze nude, marble sparkle a shimmery white (you get 3 free samples with every order over £40 that are very generous in size).

 They are very sparkly but not in a great chunks of glitter sort of way, last all day and do not irritate my eyes. Colours are very versatile, you can let them be very subtle or build them up for a more intense colour.

Now I am not the biggest fan of pink eyeshadow, but I really like how it looks together with the white and the blue/purple.

Step 1: apply marble sparkle all over the lid and in the inner corner.

Step 2: apply her majesty from the middle of the lid to the outer corner in a slightly slanted way.

Step 3: apply midnight howl into the upper lash line

Step 4: apply  midnight howl into the lower lash line starting from outer corner up to the middle, then apply marble sparkle  along the bottom line starting from the inner corner up until it meets the darker colour.

 I like to pair it up with a nude lip, used bm beauty lip gloss here, howevert it was over a pink stain so it doesn't look as nude as it normally does.


  1. I like this brand, I'm currently not using it as I switched over the Everyday Minerals but may go back at some point. The eye look is very pretty :)

    1. I think this is a very good brand, so happy you like he eye look xx

  2. Amazing review. I have never tried out any BM Beauty cosmetics. I am pretty clumsy so loose powder products scare me too. But I'll have to check it out now. Especially the eye shadows, I like the finish they give.
    You should check out for foundation tips. It helps you find the right foundation for your skin type, the coverage you need and the finish you're looking for. It also finds the right shade for you. It's been pretty helpful to me.

    Hope you like it :).

    Xx Lucy

    1. Thank you very much, the eye shadows are really worth getting despite the extra effort :)