Sunday 30 June 2013

Make-up event with Louise Dartford

For the past week one of my favourite stores Content has been hosting a summer wellbeing festival (the last event will be on the 6th of July). I wish I could pull up a tent and attend every single one of the events.

Makeup event with Louise Dartford was something I wanted to do for a long time now but I wasn't able to attend in the past. First of all she is such a talented make-up artist and the fact that she is trying to use as much "clean" make-up as possible deserves some brownie points in my book.
She is absolutely lovely in person, and I had a lot of fun talking about different looks and products (I did not want to miss an opportunity to pick a brain of someone who has used pretty much every natural make-up brand there is).

It was pretty much a one to one mini makeover/match up session. I brought in some of the dirty makeup I still have (you would have seen it in my how I organise my make-up post ) to try and find some of the colours that I have been struggling with. This was also an opportunity to try some of the products that I had my eye on like RMS Karma, Ilia Arabian Knights and W3LL people bronzers.

There was quiet a bit of experimentation going on with mixing cream blush and lipsticks to achieve a specific blush colour. I also got great tips on how to use some of the products that I already have at home but have been struggling with.

At the end I spent almost 2 hours with Louise (probably because I was a bit of a pain and wanted to see pretty much everything in the store, it is just pretty far to travel and I don't often make it to that part of London). It has been a long time since anyone else did my make-up for me, and I really enjoyed it, in the end Louise wrote down all the products that she used and the method that she used to apply them on a make-up chart for me to take away.

As part of this event I also got some rather generous trial sizes of Aurelia skincare (miracle cleanser, cell revitalise night moisturiser, revitalise & glow serum, cell repair night oil). It has been all the rage and I am really pleased to get my hands on them.

Here is the final look.

Since I was in the store I got a few things: cotton pads, Hayfever tea for my hubby and w3ll people eyeshadow for myself.

The downside of the event is that now I have lots of new products that I will be adding to my wish list (Arabian Knights is on the top of it, I also can't wait for the new ilia lipglosses to arrive).


  1. Sounds like a useful event, sadly I can't try the Aurelia skincare which everyone is raving about, they contain some of my food allergens :(

    1. It was great, especially if you are just starting to switch to natural make-up. That is how I feel about Bodhi! everyone is loving them, but I can't use their stuff, so annoying

  2. I wanted to attend this so bad but she was all booked!

    1. hopefully they will do another one soon so you can attend, it really was great

  3. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it Tamara, it was a pleasure to meet you and to swap make-up notes!

    Lou x