Thursday 13 June 2013

Lina Hanson Global face serum review

I sort of got this oil by accident. I originally purchased a different oil, but it turned out that I couldn't use it because of one of the ingredients, and this was what I exchanged it for (I have wanted to try it for a long time anyway). It was one of the products that I allowed myself in my spring/summer yearly splurge (you can see my initial thoughts here).

Did I need another face oil? Well I think I needed this one.

Lina Hanson Global face serum.

 I am normally pretty quick to figure out if I like a product or not, and then it is just a waiting game of whether or not my skin likes it.

I have used this for slightly more than a month now and have not had any reactions to the product. This is slightly heavier oil than one of my favourites Stark but I would say it is sort for nourishing and more silky, it absorbs rather well.

The smell is very different to other products I have used, despite having mandarin and ylang ylang I can't really sense those essential oils. It is a light flowery, slightly sweet scent that for some reason I associate with marula (but don't quote me on it as I don't know what marula smells like, in fact if you have ever used moringa body butter by Body Shop this is what this smell reminds me of).

I have to say that even though I found this scent pleasant I couldn't really decide if I liked it at first, however it grew on me, and now I really look forward to the aromatherapeutic effect of this oil every morning (it just puts a smile on my face when I use it).

How I use it. After playing around with different types of applications I came to conclusion that I prefer it for morning use. I let my toner sink in, rub half a pump between my palms and then gently press it in all over my face, followed by another half a pump for my neck and decollete. I find it to be one of a very few products that I can actually use on my d├ęcolletage, as this area seems to be even more sensitive than my face.

My skin looks very calm almost minutes after use, and feels very supple. It is an all skin types product, so if you have drier skin you will need a little more product than I do. It works really well under makeup. I have been using it about 3-4 times a week, and even though it has been a little warmer, my skin doesn't mind it (I had to stop using some other products as they are too heavy now).

Every time I use this serum I feel like my skin is getting a treat (like I am in a luxurious spa), a truly spoil yourself product. It comes in a dark glass bottle with a pump that is easy to control, there is a little half-cap on the pump to prevent it from being pressed accidentally).

It has all these different oils that are beauty secrets from different countries, all of them sound wonderful and there is a description of each one on Lina Hansons website. I really like that it has pumpkin seed oil, as I am a little obsessed with it.

There is a second product in the line, the body serum, that just got released this month, but is not available in UK yet. I am hoping to get my hands on it in the near future.


  1. This sounds lovely, I haven't tried anything by Lina Hanson yet but I definitely would like to :) x

    1. I think you will enjoy it, just a lovely indulgent treat