Monday 10 June 2013

No more dirty looks quarterly box

No more dirty looks is one of the best, most comprehensive books available on greening up your beauty routine. Clever ladies behind it also have a blog under the same name, that is full of information ( I absolutely love reading all the morning routines that people send in).

Since last year ( or maybe the year before) they have teamed up with quarterly co to create these little beauty boxes. I tried signing up a couple of times in the past but always seemed to be missing the deadline, and eventually forgot to try again. Well I was finally successful ( it seemed a lot easier to sign up this time, so maybe they changed the process?!)

This is box number 7 but it is a first one for me.

I feel like this box is a hint to do a manicure ( I have been neglecting my nails). After reading the included letter I discovered that the nail colour was a luck of the draw. The one I received is "too red" but it could have been any one of the four shades chosen by the ladies ( coral, punch, pink were the other options). I am actually pleased with the red (it is a lovely bright shade that matches the ilia wild child lipstick perfectly). RGB is not a brand that I have seen in UK, really curious to try it and it is five-free!

Polish remover pads from priti NYC. I have a nail polish remover from this brand and it is the best one that I have ever used, I was planning to get these at some point ( the price has been putting me of so far £12.30 for 10 wipes) so it will be great to try these.

And the last thing is this very summery looking Czech glass nail file. I do have one already but this one is a slightly different shape and smaller than mine, it will be great for travel ( am I the only person that breaks their nails every time I go on holiday?).

I am very pleased with the box and very surprised how quickly it has arrived ( only a few days behind the others in America). It is $40 including shipping to UK, so it is more expensive than the monthly boxes available here. But I did some maths and the value is more than what I payed and as it is quarterly ( every three months) and comes from from the lovely No More Dirty Looks ladies I think it is totally worth it ( plus you get a chance to try products that are not sold in UK sometimes).

You can see what all the previous boxes had inside on the quarterly website, but they all seem to be very well thought through and it is just like opening a present from someone (well if you gave someone money to buy you a present that is).


  1. I didn't know at all that they would ship worldwide! and that nail file is beautiful, i love ombre :)

    how many products did you get? and are they all full size?

    1. so in this one there were 3 products including the nail file, yeah all full size. They do ship internationally and including postage it was $40 (American)so the shipping was $15 which is not bad at all for international postage xx