Thursday 13 June 2013

The Skincare tag

After reading a post by Sugarpuffish I decided to take part in this tag.

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words.
Cleanse, tone, face oil (or spf in the summer), mask.

What's your skin type.
Oily in the warmer season (spring/summer possibly autumn), more normal in the winter.

What's your favourite skincare product?
Hm depends on the day of the week! ( I'm joking but it really is hard to choose one as I can be fickle). I will go down the simple (slightly boring) route, I love my fancy oil blends but the things that I keep buying over and over again are rose water and coconut oil (pukka rose water is my absolute favourite and I am liking the Esssense of Eden coconut oil at the moment).

Top blemish zapper?
It is a toss up between balance me congested skin serum and The Organic Pharmacy blemish gel. I also have this DIY recipe which works great: 1/4 cup warm water, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, mix it all up dampen a face cloth in this concoction gently wipe your face and then wash off (use this a face wash right before bed) skin will be clearer in a few days (works well for those break outs that don't want to go away).

Face wipes yay or nay?
Generally no, only maybe for travelling. But if you have to have some, get something like the ones by Simply gentle that are 100% cotton.

Toner yay or nay?
Yes! If you have oily skin you can skip moisturiser some times and go straight to SPF but toner is a must! At the moment I am a little obsessed with S.W. Basics toner but I also have to have rose water in the house all the time. Plus in the mornings (if you are not breaking out) you don't really need to wash your face just use some toner and proceed with your beauty routine.

High end skin care or high end makeup?
I do like to have a bit of both, however when it comes to skincare simple is best for me. I also know a fair amount of DIY recipes so I could easily get by without high end skin care ( I just prefer to have a few luxurious feeling products). Makeup is a different story, there is no way I could come up with something like Ilia in my kitchen. So if I have to choose it would be high end makeup.

What's the most unusual product you've tried.
 That would be either Tata Harper mask that feels like jelly, or May Lindstrom Clean dirt that looks like clay powder, smells like Christmas and turns into a foamy mousse when you add water.

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item - what is it?
I am obsessed with Honore des Pres fragrances but I don't think pharmacies stock those, so it would have to be Lovea Monoi oil, absolutely love the smell.

Tell us your top skincare tip:
Ok a little more DIY. If you have problems with blackheads or visible pores, take a tomato cut of the top part with the stalk (so it forms a little pad and you can hold the stalk while using it, you only want the fleshy part of the tomato not seeds). If you want an extra deep clean add a little fine sea salt to the tomato pad and gently rub over the problem areas, let the juice stay on for a minute or two then rinse with warm water. Afterwards follow with a gentle toner and maybe aloe vera if you need some moisture ( do not use heavy moisturiser). Do it before bed up to two times a week. If your skin is sensitive use yellow tomatoes instead of red.

I am also tagging everyone who reads this :) Please let me know if you decided to take part xx.


  1. I loved reading you answers & thanks for the mention :)

    1. Sure thing:) glad you liked my answers xx

  2. Interesting diy tips! I have never heard the tomato one before, how routine do you do it? Is it something that you removes instantly like how a mask works or something tht must be done constantly for effective result??

    Diy is so much fun but im always easily tempted with what the market comes up with haha. I agree w u on the tata harper mask and mays clean dirt. They are so unique and deliver amazing results!

    What spf ru currently using??

    1. Thank you :) ok with the tomato thing it is like cross between a mask and a scrub if you add salt, it does give instant results but works best over a period of two to three weeks ( I think with most masks you need to do it regularly). I use it about once every two weeks because I have store bought treatments, but if I didn't it would be once or twice weekly. You can also mix some fresh tomato juice with white clay works really well.
      SPF I am using is green people unscented factor 25 and a badger face stick SPF 35. Both work for me xx

  3. The tomato thing has me intrigued too! Witch hazel mostly does a great job keeping my pores clear and not so visible, but I think I'll have to give the tomato a try some time soon too :)

  4. Here goes my skincare regime: SO Pure Skincare, Nourishing Balm cleanser which emulsifies once water is added. Radiance Flower nectar - a floral and aloe based toner with Hyaluronic acid edelweiss and water lily extracts, Anti Ageing nutrient elixir for night, Hyaluronic and Prickly Pear seed oil packed Anti Ageing Serum for the day. On oilier days durinf my cycle I use So Pure Balancing & Purifying Concentrate an oil in a rollerball with Fennel seed and Yangu oils. Weekly I use So Pure Carbon Activated Charcoal Detox mask. SO Pure Rejuventing body elixir on my body- heaven for the skin and senses! Thanks for reading. I love your blog by the way! x

    1. Thank you very much! You routine sounds wonderful

  5. Very nice TAG, and lots of nice suggestions! As usual, I enjoyed reading your post :)