Tuesday 10 April 2012

Ag jeans

This is a quick post to share my delight with my new summer jeans. I spotted these bad boys a few weeks back and have been trying to persuade myself that I didn't really want them but alas I lost. So as I was readying myself to at list try them one it turned out that my size (26) was sold out. But thanks to my friend google I managed to find a pair at matchesfashion.com. They have arrived today and may I say I am almost as excited about the box they came in as I am about the jeans themselves ( like a three year old at Christmas who finds the packaging more fascinating than the present inside). This is the first I've placed an online order with matches so I wasn't quiet sure what to expect.
The box (although an overkill for just a pair of jeans) will come in very handy as I needed one to store my sketch books and pencils etc... All in all i am extremely pleased with the service. Delivery was quick and it could not have come nicer presented.

The jeans themselves are by Adriano Goldschmied the style is called stilt (skinny cigarette leg). The colour i went for is neon-orange (looks peach to me). The fabric is so soft and the fit is perfect (no horrid gap behind and it doesn't show underwear once seated). I would say it fits true to size. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

They are meant to be ankle length I'm 5'4" and would need to shorten them by at list an inch for that to happen but I'm happy with how they look with the current length. There are three other colours for this style available at matches. http://www.matchesfashion.com/womens/ag/jeans

Do you guys find it difficult to find jeans that fit properly?

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