Thursday 19 April 2012

Emergency shopping and new products

Well when I say emergency shopping I am slightly exaggerating. The short version is I have pretty weak nails and there is only one product that helps me. It's Burt's Bees lemon butter curricle cream. I always use it at night when my nails aren't painted. I have a tin of this somewhere in the house but I have not been able to locate it (I'm sure it will shortly reappear since I bought a replacement). I waited two weeks in hopes finding it and finally I could wait no longer so I popped into my local department store and obviously something else caught my eye.

The company is called Indigo wild but all the products that I saw seem to start with Zum. I almost got a selection pack but then decided to be more sensible and get two products that I use most often since I already have enough beauty stuff at home. So I went for Zum bar goat's milk soap in almond (gorgeous bitter almond scent, should be a treat in the morning shower) and a Zum kiss stick in vanilla. I also liked the tangerine one but vanilla is my all time favourite for lip products. I tried the lip balm already and I think it is very nice I don't think it is better than my usual burt's bees or hurraw. I think I'll need to use it a bit longer to see if it makes into my hall of fame. Soap was £4.95 and lip balm £3.65 and products by indigo wild are natural and have some certified organic ingredients.
I also received some of the things I ordered online. This is just pictures I will do the proper review once I used them.

Green people limited edition gold shimmer bronzer.
Finally a natural make-up product with marble effect hopefully it is as good as it looks. You can get more info here. Green people make-up is eco cert certified.
I also ordered Ctonics shampoo and conditioner.
i have been curious about this for awhile and since my favourite shampoo doesn't seem to work for me anymore I thought might as well. On the box it says that there is a transition period between 5-7 washes. Does this mean my hair will look like crap until that transition period is over?(that is a worrisome thought). Well I'll give it ago and hope for the best.

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