Tuesday 10 April 2012

Ilia beauty and Priti NYC nail polish review

Before I start this review I would like to make a short foreword so to speak. I have been trying to switch my beauty routine to all natural (or as natural as possible) for the past 2 maybe three years. It started from my body care, then skincare and last year it reached my make-up. It was my personal choice due to so many reasons and I am not going to go into the whole natural versus conventional debate here. There are still couple of things that I repurchase that aren't natural (or organic), certain becca products being  one of the examples. I'm not trying to persuade anyone to go green there is so much info on this subject everyone can make up their own minds. So my reviews are not on the virtues (or downfalls) of the products because they are natural, but on how good they are in general.

Priti NYC nail polish in Blue eyed brunette

I love priti nail varnishes. They are really good quality and long lasting. I have a little collection of them actually. The colour I am reviewing is the bottle on the far right. On the above picture it looks a bit like a pastel peach but in reality it looks a bit like a slightly muted coral (picture below is fairly accurate).

It is a very pretty spring/summer colour and makes a nice change from the red that I tend to favour in the winter ( who am I kidding red is my go to colour for lips and nails any season). Normally I need only one coat with these nail polishes however with this colour (and the yellow that is called festival gitana) that it needs a second coat as it is too see through with just the one coat. As usual it lasts me 5 days without any need for touch ups (it is also the only brand that I've ever used that lasts this long on my nails including the supposedly long lasting kinds). I am fairly lazy with my nail varnish application and don't tend to use base coats and top coats, I'm sure you could make it last longer with those things. I will post pictures and descriptions of the other colours at a later date. Smaller bottles that i have purchased are from content and the bigger bottles are from cult beauty. They seem to stock different colours at different times hence the mixture in my collection since the price is slightly cheaper on cult beauty and for a bigger bottle (12ml as opposed to 9ml) that is the place I check first.
Here are links to both: http://www.beingcontent.com/filter/brand/priti-nail-polish.html/viewall
http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/priti_nyc/ . Some colours are also available on amazon.

Ilia Beauty Shell Shock - coral lip conditioner

Lip products by this company have become my absolute favourites. I have several colours which will be reviewed in a separate post including a multiple that recently came out. Lip conditioners by ilia are meant to be like an all in one lip tint and balm (like laura mercier's tinted lip balms or mac).  This goes on like a really creamy lipstick. The effect is really unusual it is matte yet glossy. It leaves a stain behind once the lipstick wears off and if you are to reapply on top of that stain the colour becomes more deep (brighter and more pronounced I would say). It is in a shape of a lipstick and personally I see it as a really great moisturising lipstick ( in my mind it is closer in texture to mac slimshine lipstick than any other lip product that I can think of but it isn't the same). If you have particularly dry lips you need to apply lip balm before first application as colour could settle in the cracks but you won't need to use any more lip balm later on as this does take care of the lips really well. As to the colour it is marketed as a coral but in my opinion it is a very pinky coral, I'm used to my corals having a bit of orange to them. I always get complements when I ware ilia lipsticks no matter what the colour but I quiet like how this one warms up the complexion and I like it with my Blue eyed brunette varnish.
It is not an exact match (or the best picture) but they are fairly similar. Here is a link to the product:
I've noticed that the lipsticks are fairly often out of stock which can be a bit annoying as they are great for summer. Some of the colours are available on mise beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Do you have favourite products that are difficult to get hold off?                                                           




  1. Hi. Have you heard of leapingbunny.org? They have a rigorous program for determining whether cosmetics and many other products are tested on animals and their list is available on their Web site. Priti NYC is on their list.

  2. yeah i think this is a great organisation, and Priti NYC is a licensee holders for their logo. i think that's why I like shoping on content beauty as they don't stock companies that test on animals

  3. Good review! I'm really tempted by Blue-Eyed Brunette, it's a really pretty colour. I'm awful for chipping my nails, so you may have persuaded me with the 5-day thing. :)