Saturday 28 April 2012

New find: stark skincare

It has been raining for almost two weeks now and I find that weather does affect my mood. I think in an attempt to cheer myself up I overdosed on the no more dirty looks blog. Whilst going through all the entries (well probably not all, there are so many, but a gave it a good try) I came across the stark skincare review. I never heard of the brand before, I think it is comparatively new. Anyway I liked the sound of the products so I ordered the grapefruit cleanser which doubles up as moisturiser (I just love multi-use products) and the cypress purity defense oil.

My package arrived today and to my surprise I received the other two product in the line the toner and the mask as well (some promotion I didn't realise was on at the time?) so I'm super pleased.
I think this means I'm set with skincare for awhile now. I will defo update once I've given it a month or so.
The brand is Canadian so it isn't sold anywhere else as far as I know but they have an offer if you spend $75 (Canadian dollars) then you get international shipping for free.
One more thing, there is a photo contest going on 'Nature in the city' and there will be 10 winners for a lip balm which isn't sold yet and one winner for the entire range. The deadline has been extended till the 20th of May. For more details go to stark website. Good luck xoxo


  1. How did you find this skin care line? I've had mine for a few months and my balm is so grainy it looks like oatmeal. The toner stinks and I think it's gone bad. Just curious if you had the same problem.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I have been happy with mine. Both smell lemony and the balm is still smooth. I think you should drop stark an email about this. Good luck.