Thursday 19 April 2012

Aromatherapy: Lotus Wei

My first aromatherapy product (not counting scented candles) was Neal's Yard remedies to roll. I got energy and study. Loved them both. I can't really remember what on earth possessed me to try those products as at the time I wasn't into yoga or green lifestyle... I think I just saw them in a shop liked the smell and the novelty. And what do you know now I'm a believer (yes I am being a little over dramatic here).
I came across Lotus wei products on the content website a little over a year ago. It took me awhile to try them as they are pricey and I was hesitant. I know that aromatherapy works (it could be partly in my head but we all know a power of good scent, so this is no different in my opinion). I wanted to try the selection of mini bottles but at the time they weren't available at content so I left it. When my Neal's yard energy mist run out (I can't remember the correct name but it has lemon scent) I was faced with a choice to get it again or splurge out on Lotus wei.
Being to lazy to go to the Content shop so I could choose the smell I liked most ( in fairness their shop is forever away from me) I entertained my self by pressing pictures of flowers on lotus wei official website and hoping to choose the correct product for me. The idea is that you choose a picture of the flower you are most drawn to once you click on it they give you the description of the flower itself and the name of the product that has it as an ingredient, so your sixth sense chooses what you need most right now. You can try it here.
Well did that and chose a completely different product just because I'm contrary sometimes. I chose infinite love. And don't regret it for a second.
Lotus wei energising mist Infinite love
The way you use it is you spray it around your head and around your shoulders in a sort of aromatherapy cloud and inhale. The smell is amazing (and I'm not the only one who thinks that as other people commented on the delicious smell after I used this). I am really struggling to describe this as I have never smelled anything like this. It reminds me of delicious flower and fruit tea mixed with honey yet the smell itself is not quiet edible, I would've said hibiscus but when you look at the ingredients it has no hibiscus (my nose you are letting me down). Though there is no question of how it makes me feel. I feel energised and happier and ready to face the world. In fact if I could only have one product on a deserted Island this would be it (yes my skin and hair would probably look horrible but I would smell so no mirrors on the island right?).

Lotus wei mist minis
As you can see on the picture above I managed to finally get the mini collection from Content. I won't go in to a lot of detail as to be honest Infinite love is my firm favourite. I like the convenience of tiny bottles as they fit even in my smallest handbag and awesome for travel (especially with all those liquid restrictions on plains). The pack has a little flower game
I think Quiet mind and Inner peace had similar effect on me and the smell reminds me of field flowers, very relaxing. Inspired action  and Pure energy had citrusy notes, I really liked those two. And Joy juice is the one I didn't really like (this one has hibiscus so I was like I'm gonna love this, but no).
I probably will get a full version of Pure energy, definitely get another bottle of Infinite love once mine runs out, and will be getting the mini collection again. I like the choice but I don't use the other scents as much to warrant getting a full size.

In conclusion I would like to share my minor annoyance. Lotus wei also has serums and now they released perfumes in the same scents but they are not sold in UK. I guess I could order them from America but the import tax would be ridiculous. I guess I'll have to hope that someone will start stocking the full range (sad face).

Oh almost forgot here is the link for the products.

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