Sunday 22 April 2012

Space nk haul

I'm in a bit of a pickle. My favourite moisturiser (organic apoteke gel) has not been produced for like a year( the brand is having some sort of change of direction). So I'm reluctant to buy said moisturiser from the only place on the internet that still has it as I'm not sure how fresh it could be (nothing worse than putting expired skincare on your face). The problem is that I have sensitivity to jojoba (I'll do a separate post about that) and I have tried all the moisturisers available on love lula and content that don't have jojoba and none of them I liked. It was time to brunch out, hence my trip to Space NK. They stock couple of natural brands including Tata Harper and Nude skincare however they don't put up ingredients lists for most of their products on the web.
After reading lots of boxes and dipping fingers in numerous jars this is what I left with. Wei Tibetian Safflower age defying face cream.

I've never heard of Wei before but I liked the texture and the smell wasn't strong, love the packaging.
Hope I like it, will update once I know one way or the other.
I would like to mention how impressed I was with Space Nk staff. No one pounced on me, there was always someone to help but they let me browse without anyone breathing down my neck. So many times I go into department store and feel the need to stare at my fee,t whilst trying to get to the far corner where they have natural products, for fear of being attacked by over eager sales assistants. I understand it is there job and things have been tough lately but that's the type of behaviour that puts me off coming to the stores. I'm very pleased with space nk service, they also included couple of sample which is always nice (couple of them were even natural brands).

Here is the list of ingredients:

It isn't up to my normal green standards so I will be hoping to find something cleaner in the future.
If you have any recommendations for natural moisturisers without jojoba that are suitable for oily sensitive skin I will be most grateful xoxo

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