Tuesday 24 April 2012

Facial oils

I can't quiet remember why I tried using face oils. I love trying new things and  there were a lot of articles in the magazines (probably still are I just rarely by mags nowadays) about how oils are not just for dry skin and so on.
I discovered that generally I prefer blends to single oils (exception being rosehip and coconut) and that some oils are too much on my skin on their own but perfectly fine blended.
It took me about 2 years to figure out that my homemade concoctions are just whatever in comparison to some things out there (I still make my own masks sometimes and body scrubs).
And about a year ago I finally realised that I have sensitivity to jojoba. I'm going to do a short review on the oils that I currently have and at the end my jojoba experience for those who are interested.

John masters organics argan oil
This is the second time I've tried an argan oil and even though it is a different brand my conclusion is still the same. It doesn't have the nicest smell but it isn't strong and it doesn't linger. It is fine on skin no irritations, brilliant for hair both as prewash treatment or smoothed on the ends of wet hair. It is a really good product but I just don't love using it. I would say 8/10, perfect if you like a simple routine. John Master's always include lots of samples of their products with every purchase.

Kora organics rosehip oil
This is a blend of rosehip, pomegranate and jasmine. Mine doesn't smell so good (apparently smell can depend on a batch depending on the essential oils but performance isn't compromised). I really like this one, it is brilliant at removing make-up (damp cotton pad a few drops of this and swipe) and really good as night oil. It is small bottle 20ml. I don't use it often enough to warrant a bigger bottle. Shelf life is six months after opening and I've had for five already and still have almost a quarter of the bottle left. For me this is 9/10 would get full marks if it had better smell. For more info go to kora. They changed packaging since I got mine and it is 15ml now.

Pai rosehip bioregenerate fruit and seed blend.
Since this has the fruit oil and seed oil this is more potent than standard rosehip oil. I absolutely love this product but I just wish there was a smaller bottle available. With the shelf life of six months there is no way I can finish this. I used it regularly through winter 3 to 4 times a week for two months and it looks practically untouched. I have oily skin so only need 1-2 drops few days a week at night. It is designed for face and body, so I'll start using it on my body. This smells gorgeous of dried rosehips (my grandma use to dry rosehips to use them as tea, love the smell and the tea). 10/10 for more info about this go to love lula.

Mv organic skincare energizig 9-oil cleanser
this has to be my favourite skincare product that I have right now. To me it is more of a treatment than a cleanser. The suggestions are that you use it on stressed or hormonal skin up to three times a week. Surface clean, then massage 1-2 pumps into dry skin for 1 minute. Hold a warm muslin cloth over your face for ten seconds don't wipe, press instead, repeat up to 4 times. Smells like spiced oranges. I use this in the evening and wake up to really nice skin. This is expensive and the price has gone up like by eight pounds recently so I use this when I need a treat or my skin is out of balance. Not sure how long this will last with regular use. Again 10/10, I get mine from content.

My jojoba story
 To cut a long story short in general my skin looked better after switching to natural skincare but I would get those rash like spots from time to time. I just figured that my skin is sensitive (which it is to a point) and try a different product. Needles to say I had a lot of products in my bathroom. And then I tried neat jojoba oil (technically a wax, so weird why do they call it oil if it is a wax) on my skin. It is apparently so close to our own sebum that it is great for sensitive acne prone skin. Well my skin became itchy and I got those under skin bumps and one cystic spot (I still remember the pain). That gave me an idea and I looked at the ingredients on those products that didn't suit me, every one of them had jojoba high on the list. Further inspection revieled that my face wash and sunscreen that I  used in the summer, my occasional shampoo also had it... Apparently only 1 or 2 people out of a 100 have sensitivity to jojoba. Well it is not fun being one of them, since almost every natural product for sensitive or oily skin has jojoba as an ingredient, most conditioners and about half of the shampoos. The weird thing is I can use jojoba lip products without a problem. I think maybe I wouldn't get a reaction if it was in a small quantity with other ingredients but I just don't want to chance it. Since using products without jojoba I have had no break outs and only an occasional hormonal pimple that would clear in like 2-3 days.

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