Saturday 21 April 2012

Bottom of the jar

If I'm honest through the years I've given away or thrown away a lot of skincare and make-up after only couple of uses. I have super sensitive skin so it took me awhile to figure out what ingredients to avoid and even then some products can be disappointing even if they don't cause irritation. I would always try a sample first if available, however most reasonably priced brands don't have readily available samples, so my friends are on the receiving end of  a few 3/4 full bottles of moisturiser. What I'm trying to say is that finishing a product for me is a big deal. It feels great to know that I didn't waist my money on something unsuitable yet again.

Evolve gentle cleansing melt
This is a sugar based, rinse off cleansing balm designed for normal to dry skin (it is also certified organic by ecocert and has a leaping bunny logo). Now my skin is not normal and it isn't dry. In fact it is oily but easily dehydrated and sensitive. Basically a skin type that no one seems to cater for (apart from Vaishaly who has a regimen for dry skin on the surface and oily/congested underneath, I haven't tried it but it sounds like what my skin could be?).
At first i used this as a make-up remover and then I would use a foaming cleanser after ( I was afraid it would be too moisturising for my oily skin). In the past few months I was just using this without a follow up cleanser and it is fine. My skin feels just clean once I pat down my face with a towel.
Method of use: I dip my finger in a jar and scoop some product out (I had to play around with the quantity for a bit, if you take too much it feels sticky and too little it doesn't emulsify well), massage product into dry skin, splash a little water on my face and massage some more repeating until it rinses clean. The whole process takes about 2 minutes. Cleanser has a sticky gel type texture which melts on contact with your skin (feels like an oil based balm when you massage it in) and it smells like toasted sunflower seeds (very faintly, it has no added perfume, sunflower oil is one of the ingredients). I like using this and it removes most  make-up fine from first go, but if I have my w3ll people narcissist on I need to double cleanse. I don't enjoy it as an eye-make up remover it does an ok job but if I have more than some mascara I'll use a different product. Over all it gets 8/10 from me.
I've head about 3 months of every night use and occasional morning use ( I think I have about one more week left in it). It retails at £13.99 at the moment. For ingredients and more info go to love lula.

MV organic skincare Gentle cream cleanser.
This has to be the most expensive cleanser I have ever bought. This is an Australian brand by Sharon McGlinchey a facialist who specialises in sensitive skin. According to their website this is a water soluble cleanser but you need to use a muslin cloth to get the most benefits as it is designed to be an aromatherapy product plus the muslin cloth gently exfoliates. I have a smaller bottle of 70ml (you can also get120ml). I originally purchased a travel pack from content and it came withe a handy tool that you can use to scrape the last remains of the cleanser that won't come out with the pump action (the travel pack they stock now is a bit different but it probably still has it) and the muslin cloth was also included. I have about 3 uses left after about 2 months of morning and evening use (I have slightly changed my approach now but at the time a used cleanser twice a day). Now, since I want to be completely transparent, I have had only a little left since I've started using evolve cleanser, I wasn't sure if it would suit me and wanted to have something that I know works just in case. I have been using it now and again on a damp cotton pad to remove make-up and it works great this way too. It has a very creamy texture and smells delicious of rose and mandarin. I would apply it on dry skin then add a little water and massage for 30 seconds or so, dampen my muslin cloth in warm water and use it as a compress holding it up to my face, gently wipe down and repeat the compressing part 2-3 times. Takes about 3-4 minutes. It removes make-up brilliantly but I don't like to then spend forever getting my muslin cloth clean so I would use some damp cotton pads and a little oil to take off my make-up first. This gets 9/10 from me. Here is more info. Oh and 70 ml bottle is £29.50.

RMS beauty Raw coconut cream.
This is the ultimate multitasker. technically sold as a make-up remover but can be used as a moisturiser for body, face (if you have dry skin), hair treatment and according to rms even a deodorant although I haven't tried. This has one ingredient coconut oil. I mainly use it as eye make-up remover. Occasionally to remove make-up from my entire face , body moisturiser, or as a protective balm on my face when I wash my hair (I have very hot showers and it isn't good for facial skin hot water dries it out). To remove make up I just massage a small amount over my eyes or face and remove with damp cotton pads (or cotton pads soaked with rose water if I'm feeling like a treat). There are cheaper versions of coconut oil available however I don't believe all oils are created equal. When you buy olive oil for cooking different brands taste different same with this so since I like this one I'm sticking with it. It is £12.50 for 70g and the shelf life is 24 months from opening which is good since I've had this for more then a year now. it gets used about 4 times a week. For me this is great value for money. Oh yeah it melts above 24 Celsius so this jar is not great for holiday travel I normally put a small amount into a muji container to avoid leakage. You can get this at content.

Pukka organic rosewater
I have tried a few rosewaters some cheaper some more expansive, this one is by far the best. it has a very faint rose smell and not at all over powering. It doesn't contain alcohol or any other extra ingredients. It is lightly moisturising and in the summer I don't need any other moisturiser after using this. Comes in a handy spray bottle. i am very generous with my sprays (and some times I use it 3 times a day) so a 100ml bottle lasts me three months. This is the most repurchased beauty product  for me, I have been using it for at list two years now. I get it from my local health store, whole foods or love lula. Just noticed that the price has gone up. The last bottle I got was £10.50 and now it is £11.45 hm.

Just in the name of disclosure, once these run out, I won't repurchase any of the products for at list couple of weeks as I have some unfinished cleansers and toners that I don't enjoy using but I guess they work ok (they won't get used if I have something nicer).

One last note about love lula. They have a rewards scheme that you get points on products you buy and then you can use those points as payment on their site and also beauty bible frequently has a discount code for 5% off and a free present if you spend more then £20 at love lula.

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