Tuesday 30 April 2013

Aromatherapy: Lotus wei Infinite Love Balancing Serum review

Recently I had a twitter exchange with beauty huile about Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum and I realised that I have not posted a review about it! (Really shame on me, should've done it months ago).

I have done a post about Lotus Wei in the past if you want to catch up. When you read the name "balancing serum" it doesn't actually mean that it will balance your skin as in "balancing for combination skin" etc. This is not really a skincare product, balancing refers to your personal state of wellbeing, it will balance how you feel (feelings of stress, moodiness and so on).

Just like with the sprays there is a range of six. The serum really is an extension of the line and has exactly the same benefits aromatherapy wise. These are used in spa treatments as massage oils (in fact you can book yourself a Lotus Wei facial at Content).

If you are not sure which one to choose you can always use the flower game. I mentioned in my previous post that Joy Juice was my least favourite, however there was a period that I was incredibly sad and I found that it smelled amazing, and now I don't like it again (I was seriously surprised by this).

Back to Infinite Love Balancing Serum. I chose it because I just love how it smells. It smells pretty much like the spray version, maybe just a little more citrusy (overall smell is not really a citrus smell, it is more sweet rose with just a hint of mandarin) I have yet to meet a person who did not like this.

The description on the bottle is "awaken loving-kindness toward yourself and others, enhance your unique charm and magnetism". The idea is that this is the potion you would use when you have been a little hard on yourself, irritable and feeling lack of love. I can be some what of a perfectionist and therefore am frequently hard on myself, also everyday stress and irritability seem to go hand in hand. I am never too far from this oil or spray.

You are supposed to apply it to face and pulse points, massage ears and neck, use regularly until the bottle is finished.  According to Lotus Wei most people feel a difference within 2-3 days, with accumulative effects after that. When regularly used bottle would last 6-8 weeks.

I have had my bottle longer than that but it is only about 1/3 full right now. They are not sold in UK at the moment so I ordered mine from Spirit Beauty Lounge. I try not to place overseas orders very frequently and was determined to make it last.

I use it when I really want a pick me up and on those special occasions that I just want to feel super confident and smell good. This is a blend of essential oils and flower elixirs in a base of Safflower oil infused with calendula. Safflower oil is generally pretty good for all skin types, it is very moisturising for dry skin yet it has a comedogenic rating of 0 which means it will not clog pores. Even though it is not technically skin care you can still use this as part of your routine if you want to.

I only use lotus wei serum on my face at night times; during the day I like to use it as a body oil on my legs, arms and also neck.

Yesterday (being jealous of Beauty Huiles massage treatment with this serum) I had an epiphany. I gave myself a head massage and also spread it over the whole length of my hair, like I would've done with coconut or argan oil. Washed it as normal and sprayed some protein spray (review to come) and wow. I was seriously freaking out about the fact that Ctonics were no more, but I am ok now, this works great.

I have mentioned that Infinite love spray was the one product I would choose if I couldn't have anything else. I would even suffer dehydrated skin for the heavenly smell. Well I don't have to anymore, I can smell good and be moisturised (in your face desert Island).


  1. Isn't it amazing! I did not expect the scent to be this good .. rose and honey, yes please. I finished up the whole bottle (and the pure energy + the blue one). I tried the Joy serum, it smells slightly similar to this but just more citrusy but still sweet. I might get the Inspired one instead for a change in scent. Loooove this!


    1. I can't get it enough of it! thinking of getting the inspired energy aswell :)