Friday 12 April 2013

Brand focus: Jane Iredale.

Jane Iredale is a mineral make-up line that has been around since 1994. It is marketed as being great for sensitive skin (I think all mineral make-up lines do to be honest) as there are no fillers.
The line is famous for foundations and being amongst the pioneers of make-up that also has skin benefits.

 I want to share and review my personal favourites from Jane Iredale.

Mascara, Magic mitt, lip and cheek stain. I actually have one more product from the line which I love (blotting papers) but I will do a separate post on them.

Jane Iredale Magic mitt. This is a make-up removing cloth in the shape of a mitt that is made from specially knitted micro fibres, and it does all the make-up removing without any additional cleanser.

I have had mine for about 3 years now. It totally works. It has passed the white towel test and the first time I used it I also went over with a toner, and the cotton wool was completely clear. It really does remove every trace of make-up. You can remove eye make-up  with this (I tried to see if it lives up to the claim, however I still prefer to use coconut oil for that).

What is great about this is that it is designed specifically so it won't disturb skin natural acid mantel (super important for all skin types, but especially so for oily skin as it is so easy to over cleanse when you are trying to battle oiliness).

When I am done I wash it with Goat milk and olive oil facial soap that I know doesn't cause any sensitivities for me and hang it up to dry.

My mitt is in great condition (looks pretty much like new) for a few reasons. When I first got it I only used it on holidays and I started to use it as my main make-up remover about a year ago. As mentioned above I do not remove eye make-up with this. And the last reason is I don't use make-up every day (depend on a week, could be 2 time, could be 4, could be not at all). I only use it for make up removal although you could use it for gentle exfoliation a bit like a konjac sponge if you wish.
If you were to use it quiet frequently I think you would need to replace it once a year.

I absolutely adore this and do not use anything else for face make-up removal. One last thing it dries really quickly (faster than muslin cloths).

Jane Iredale pure lash lengthening mascara. This is my favourite natural mascara. I got introduced to eat about 4-5 years back when I had a mini make-over at the organic pharmacy counter. At the time they haven't launched a mascara in their line and the make-up artist used this on me to finish of the look. I loved it ever since. I have tried 5 or 6 others but nothing beats this for me.

The colour I use is black/brown (I also tried black but it doesn't seem to have the same thickness for some reason). The brush is nothing special: thinner at the top slightly fatter towards the bottom. The packaging is really lovely. I have no problems with clumping. Most if not all natural mascaras claim to be conditioning and improve your lashes with use, out of what I have tried this is the only one that actually really does do that.

Now they also have an eyelash conditioner that works together with this (it is a white gel, you apply it first and then use your mascara on top). It costs exactly the same as mascara. What it is supposed to do is make your mascara last longer as you would need to use only one coat of mascara in conjunction with this. I find it unnecessary. Looks the same to me with one coat conditioner and one coat mascara or just to coats of mascara. So either mascara lasts longer or I have to buy mascara twice as often, money wise makes no difference as both products cost the same.
However my sister uses both and is convinced that the conditioner works miracles ( I gave both to her as a present since conventional mascaras were really irritating her eyes, now she won't use anything else).

My eyes have gotten more sensitive as I got older (must be all the eye make-up overload when I was a teen) and this never has caused me any problems. And I have not had any problems with smudging.
Once opened you can use it for up to 12 months. Which is great if you are like me and don't really use it every day, as you can happily wait a year before replacing for hygiene reasons.

Jane Iredale just kissed lip and cheek stain. This is one of those products that looks different on everyone because it changes colour depending on your personal body chemistry and mood (like that too faced mood changing lip gloss). It is supposed to be your personal most flattering shade of pink. I don't know how it works for other people but it really is super flattering on me. Unfortunately I can  not show you how it looks in the tube as I ran out (literally just scraped some to get this picture so you can see how it looks on my lips) but it is a sort of pale honeysuckle pink.

Picture really does not do it justice. It is kind of bright but slightly see through shade of pink ( a lot like those l'oreal rouge carres lipsticks). As it contains jojoba I haven't tried this on my cheeks, however judging how it looks on lips I think it will look great. This is a stain so some form of colour will remain, all day it just won't be as bright as when first applied. This seems to be a spring/summer favourite as I have noticed, it is frequently out of stock during this period  (it is out of stock right now and I am super annoyed). It is one of those lippies that you can wear both day and evening.


  1. I love Jane Iredale. She makes some of my favorite high end beauty products.

    1. Oh yeah totally agree with you, which ones are your faves?

  2. I finished my tube of the lip and cheek stain very quickly too! I used it more on my cheeks than my lips, and it was the prettiest blush ever! I am definitely going to repurchase it! xx

    1. This is one of the few pink shades I like (I prefer reds and corals), a fun product to have! Xx