Sunday 28 April 2013

The Organic Pharmacy Skin rescue oil

Last year there were a few launches of oils including RMS beauty that have Tamanu oil as one of the ingredients.
It is said to help with appearance of scars including acne scars, and to be an anti-flamitory as well as moisturising. I waited for that oil with eagerness only to discover that it also had jojoba.

I was convinced that I was missing out and proceeded to find something with tamanu that I could use.

In comes the organic pharmacy rescue oil. It was not a new product in there line, I had previously ignored it because it is formulated for dry stressed skin. But who cares about skin types when it has magical tamanu?!

It is a very rich oil and I was glad for it in the cold seasons. I think the name "rescue oil" is very apt. My skin and wind are really not friends and this little baby was a huge help (put it on at night and that weather bitten look was gone, granted it wouldn't have happened if I moisturised properly that day but hey I can be caught off guard by the weather).

The first ingredient is Chickweed  which is high in fatty acids and reduces itching. All the oils in this are nourishing and are good for stressed skin (unless you have very specific sensitivities to them).

The oil sinks in pretty well and leaves your skin really silky.Even though the directions say to apply morning and evening I only have used it at night (it is very rich for my aiming towards oily complexion) so I don't know if it is good under make-up. You can use it for target applications on the areas that are stressed out (like cheeks or nose) and use your normal products everywhere else. Smells incredible of rose and a hint of sweetness.

I have a fair amount left and with warmer weather no longer use it as intended. I do a sort face scrub/wash variation of suki lemon grass cleanser (ok it isn't really the same but maybe slightly similar). Take a little bit of sugar (smaller granules are more gentle), a few drops of this oil (about 2-3) and foam from a face soap ( I used a drop or two of foaming gel wash before, but I ran out and not planning on repurchasing). Mix it all up in my hand and apply to wet face, then wash off. Works just like the suki wash but with added moisture. I do that at night a few times a week and don't need to moisturise after. Wake up with smooth hydrated skin.

This would be a great oil if you have dry skin or for winter months if your skin goes flaky or red with cold weather. It is definitely a treatment oil rather than an everyday face product. I will not hesitate to buy it again if I have any skin dryness due to weather (or something else unexplainable, doesn't normally happen to me but you never know) in the future.

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