Saturday 27 April 2013

Day at Buy My Wardrobe event and Whole foods

Today did not start well. I woke up tired, my toilet decided to leak and the dress that I planned to wear got washed with a piece of paper and was covered in white bits.

I was thinking about skipping this event because I was just so stressed. But I already had the tickets and I was looking forward to it, so by sheer force of will I carried on getting ready.

Miraculously the trip to central London was uneventful.

This was my first time at Buy My Wardrobe event but not my first time at Roof Gardens (although I have not been there during the day before). It is one of my favourite clubs, cocktails are great, it is fairly intimate, good music and the gardens themselves are beautiful.

Buy My Wardrobe is a website where you can buy and sell (if you are chosen) your preloved clothes, shoes and accessories (designer and good high street brands). Every year the hold an event where fashion bloggers and stylish ladies get there own rack and an opportunity to sell their unwanted items face to face.

I regularly go to London Fashion Weekend and was expecting some similar ques. In fact I didn't have to wait that long to get in. It was all very stress free and fairly laid back.

I had a normal ticket so no extras, but if you had a VIP pass you got an extra hour of shopping (from12-16 as opposed to 13-16), a glass of champagne and a goodie bag.

It was busy but not stresfully so. You could get some beauty treatments, chill with some wine, get a bbq and of course shop.

I set a budget of fifty pounds (I am trying to cut spending) and I exceeded it by ten, so I am pretty pleased that I didn't go shopping crazy.

I got myself a blue shirt, light blue/sea green t-shirt and a red patterned scarf. It turned out to be a wonderful event and I am super pleased that I went.

Roof Gardens are literally around the corner from Whole Foods in High street Kensington and naturally that is where I went afterwards (ok so probably most people went for cocktails and stuff but I love love that store).

Magically I did manage to stay away from the beauty section (well I looked through it but just took pictures of things I wanted for future reference)

Here is some of the things I did get.

Stocked up on tea including tea pigs, energy bars, organic fruit beer (I only ever see those in whole foods), some loose rose petals (great for tea or home made rose water equivalent), and tamarillo fruit (it is just delicious, cut it in half and scoop out the flesh yum). Also could not resist Grumpy mule coffee (apparantly that is an accurate description of me when I don't get enough sleep)

It turned out to be a pretty great day despite the start and I even managed to get home before the rain!

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