Tuesday 23 April 2013

New discovery: Bulles et Molecule handmade soap

Beautiful looking soap is somewhat an obsession of mine. I loved handmade soap ever since I came across lush (yeah lets not try and remember how many years ago that was) and Haus of Gloi with their beautiful creations.

I was reading Jessica's LaFleur spring must have list and I saw this soap 'banana bread'. I just couldn't believe that I did know about it. A few short minutes later I was completing my Etsy purchase.

Bulles et Mollecules are a Canadian brand that sells natural handmade soaps and bath products. In their Etsy store they sell soaps and lip balm.

Originally I was going to get Banana bread soap, but then I saw all the other ones and couldn't decide (typical me behaviour) so I got a sample pack.

You get 5 sample soaps of you choice. I asked for banana bread and that they make the rest of the choices for me (for fear that I would be staring at my computer for hours otherwise, plus I love surprises).

The soaps came in lovely paper wrapping as you can see in the pic. I absolutely love how they look.
So far my favourites are Citrus and Black pepper (spicy lemony/orange scent) and Coffee Chocolate and Orange (exactly that smell, I can see it becoming my morning fave).

Those dinky sizes are great for taking on holidays and thinking further ahead (much further in the year) great stocking fillers.

Finding it really tempting to order the whole range (that won't be practical or very green but I really really want to).

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