Tuesday 23 April 2013

W3ll people Universalist review

I'll start of by saying that I really liked the original well people products. A lot of the time when companies reformulate their products and change their packaging, products suffer. In this case they really did change for the better.

The most obvious thing that has changed is the packaging. Now it is similar to Vapour packaging as opposed to pritt stick like before. But they also changed the formulae.

To be honest I liked the old packaging, the new packaging is also nice. What makes me happy is the fact that I find that the new version looks more flattering on me, they have some different colours and the biggest bonus is that it now lasts 24 months after opening (I can't be the only person that struggles to finish make-up before it goes bad).

I was struggling to choose a colour for a while and ended up buying it in number 6 satin blood orange and asking for a sample of number 5 creamy crimson. (Yes I have got them from Content, I think this is the only place that sells them in UK at the mo)

Universalist 6 Blood Orange. The name is really appropriate. The colour is exactly that, just like the inside of a blood orange (which just happens to be one of my favourite fruits, I think it was the name that decided me on picking it). It is an orange with a hint of red. The brightness depends on how you blend.

The texture is very light (a little similar to the vapour aura stain multi use blush, but it does not behave the same and is a little more creamy/powdery). It feels very creamy/gel like but when I apply it to the skin it can feel a very slight powdery texture, more so on my lips than on my cheeks (a bit like bubble blushes by guerlain or those mousse blushes by maybelline). Because of that nature it doesn't have that glossy/shiny look, just looks like a natural flush on your cheeks.

I am quiet happy to apply this on my lips, cheeks and eyes. The instructions for application are as follows: Warm, tap, and blend product onto the complexion using fingertip, or use W3ll people foundation brush. Build to the desired level of colour impact. Do not apply directly to face.

Who has time for brushes? I go directly with my finger, tap the colour on to my cheeks (3 dots making sure not to go past the two finger zone) then blend, repeat if I want more colour. For lips I use a lip balm first and then colour on top again applying with my finger (that way I find that it looks more flattering and I don't feel the powdery texture at all). What ever colour is left on the fingertip goes on my eyes. This way I get a little hint of colour that brightens up my eyes without any of it travelling up into the crease (if you laid it on thick that is much more likely to happen).

Universalist 5 Creamy crimson. I only got a small sample of this, enough for about 2-3 applications if I go for a more natural look. Texture seems to be the same in both colours. This is a really wonderful cherry red. You only need the tiniest amount for a natural looking flush.

Application method was exactly the same. This colour is significantly brighter/more impact both on cheeks and lips.

Overall the lasting power is really great (pretty much all day) on the cheeks. On the lips this has a slightly see through quality (like are you wearing something or maybe not), a hint of it did remain after eating but I do feel the need to reapply (however I do that with all products as I like that just applied look).

Also I was messing around with both colours and when mixed together you get that candid apple look (I love that colour and have been trying to recreate it ever since mac's limited edition blush).

I will be purchasing creamy crimson in the near future (or maybe someone will get it for me as a birthday pressie, that would be great).

W3ll people have definitely improved their products. Oh the smell is similar to what it was before but not as strong (kind of earthy/herby very natural smelling, I only smell it if I am intentionally trying to sniff it out).


  1. The creamy crimson one looks amazing on you! I am always so tempted by red lips but don't usually have the confidence to pull it off. Lovely review. x

    1. Oh thank you:) if you want to you could try rms beauty lip shine in sacred it is a much subtle red than a lipstick would be xx