Thursday 18 April 2013

Ilia Beauty multi-stick and illuminator review

Last year Ilia Beauty introduced multi-sticks. Naturally I was super excited and got one as soon as they were available at Content.

The thing is I messed up in the colour selection. I should have gotten the All of me, but no, I had to have something different from what I would normally wear (warm pinky/red blushes). So I chose the tangerine version (that doesn't really work for me). Obviously I was disappointed because of that. However I soon figured out how to make it work, so as well as a review I will show what I do.

Ilia Beauty Multi-stick in I put a spell on you. This colour is described as hot tangerine that would accent peachy undertones. My skin tone is like super pale slightly olive and this particular colour, well lets just say it doesn't look good.

However, I would say that once on skin it is definitely more apricot in colour (and even in the tube it is not as bright as tangerine is in my mind). There is no strong smell, don't really think this smell of anything to be honest. The texture is very thin, a bit like a mixture of cream and gel (similar to Becca cream blushes).

What you see in the picture is the full amount of product before I have used it. My initial thought was gee that is not a lot, but you really use only a small amount so it will last a good amount of time.

Lasting power on the face is about 8 hours as long as you don't touch your face after application. I did not like this on my lips at all (just something about the texture, might be different for the other colours). I do like this on eyes.

The finish is glossy so you do need to be careful in not applying to much. If you have ever used Ruby and Millie face gloss, this is the kind of look this gives but with a much nicer texture. The trick is to not blend this in too much as that will just remove all the colour. If you have oily skin you will need to use matifying product before using this (I apply it over my stay matt foundation and they work well together).

All in all this is a good product to use on cheeks and eyes for a subtle colour and gloss look. Great for an understated day look. If you have drier skin this will be a perfect product as it is moisturising and gives that well hydrated glowy look.

Ilia Beauty Illuminator in Sway. This is a product that is supposed to give you a sun kissed glow.
And it truly delivers.

The colour is just what I was looking for, pearly chocolate (not glittery, not orange tan, just perfect).
The swatch is just applied from the tube, you can tone down by blending. Just like the multi-stick the more you blend the less colour you will have.

This stays on for about 8 hours if you do not keep touching your face (which I am occasionally guilty of).

In comparison to the multi-stick illuminator is less creamy and more gel like. It is also much more glossy looking. It is a perfect highlighter but you really need to be careful not to over apply (you will turn into shiny disco ball).

I use this in the corners of eyes, cheek bones and along the nose.

At the moment I like this much better than the multi-stick (but it might change once I try the other colours).

I find that the combination of the two product plus Ilia beauty lip conditioner in Dizzy really works for me.

Since I don't like the multi-stick on my lips, this is the colour that I use. Dizzy is a muted orange, it is pretty similar to the I put a spell on you colour (maybe a shade brighter).

So this is what it looks like.

Here I have Dizzy on my lips, I put a spell on you on cheeks and eyelids, Sway on the inside and outside corners of the eyes, bridge of nose, cheek bones and under the blush in the hollows of the cheeks.

When I use sway on its own I apply it to eyes, cheekbones and occasionally bridge of nose.

I can't use I put a spell on you by itself. It is definitely a colour for people with peachy skin tones.

You can get Ilia Beauty from content, mise beauty (in UK) or spirit beauty lounge if you are in the states.

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