Saturday 6 April 2013

Content beauty haul and first impressions

I have noticed that every year around April/May I find myself wanting to update my skincare and get new make up. Which means I buy a lot of items in one go. In the past I have been getting more things than, I need so now I have a limit on the products I can get. And once I have got those things, I try to stay away from shops and websites, in order not to be tempted (until I run out of something that is).

Spring is the only time that I have allowed myself to have a big skincare and make-up top up.

It would come as no surprise that Being Content is my absolute favourite store. They have a great selection and customer service is amazing (both in-store and on line). So all the products I got this time are from them (it just happened that they had everything I wanted, actually I wanted to get more things but I had to stop myself for fear of going bankrupt).

I still have a fair amount of skincare and I also ordered a trial set from S.W. basics (should be arriving soon) that is why I only got a few things.

The konjac sponge. There have been so many reviews of these that i don't think I need to say much about it. I always get one or to for the spring/summer period as my skin gets more oily, I like the added mild exfoliation that this provides. I use it on its own, once every few days (about 3-4 times a week) either morning or evening depending on if I had make-up or not.  When reading short reviews I noticed that some people complained that this doesn't remove make-up well. So just to put it out there: I don't use it for that and I don't think that it was designed for make-up removal.

Comvita manukacare 100% antibacterial manuka honey. This is manuka honey that has bee specifically designed for external use. You can use it on wounds, minor burns and  as a facial treatment or on specific spots. On the website it says that it is UMF 18+, but I can't find that info on the packaging. I haven't used this particular product before, but I use manuka honey as a facial wash/mask all the time. I like that this comes in a tube, much easier to use plus you can actually pack this in your suitcase.

Lina Hanson global serum. I have been wanting to try this for more than a year. No I don't need another oil as I have plenty of Stark cypress oil left (and I do really like it), but I just could not resist any longer. I have only used this once, these are my first impressions. It smells pleasant and the smell is not strong, it completely disappears after application.The oil itself feels silky, it is not as light as Stark cypress oil, yet it isn't as heavy as organic pharmacy rescue oil. All I can say that it didn't make me itchy (yeah my skin is that sensitive that it gets irritated after one use). I will do an update after a few weeks.

I have been rather lazy with make-up this past year. I used to be very much into eye liner and smoky eyes, lately though it has been just lipstick (and mascara if it is a special occasion). That is why I haven't bought any eyeshadow this year.

Ilia complete mascara in macao. My go to mascara is Jane Iredale and I wasn't looking for mascara. I have been totally seduced by the marketing. The whole "The ILIA Beauty Macao mascara is a subtle copper hue that will catch the light and create a glow around the eye. Macao will add a touch of glamour to any look". I feel like they must have seen me coming... but seriously, how am I supposed to resist that? I will try this in the next few days and post the pics. Fingers crossed it is as good as it sounds.

I got two new lip products.

W3ll people nudist number 8. This is the first product I got since they revamped the packaging and updated the formulae. The colour is called poppy ( I don't get the choice of name as when I think poppy - red comes to mind, this is more like a peony pink ). Normally my face looks better with reds and corals, but this pink is gorgeous! I can't get over how fresh and pretty it looks. I really like the new packaging, very slick. Want I don't like is the smell. It took me a while to get used to the smell of the previous generation (it really was unusual) but once I did, I really loved it. This smells like peppermint. Don't get me wrong I like peppermint tea and minty fresh toothpaste, just not my lippy. It also made my lips tingle (like all peppermint balms do). Overall this is an awesome product, but I would honestly prefer if it smelled of anything else or even nothing. I will do a more thorough review/comparison later on.

Tata Harper lip treatment in be adored (rose tint). OK so this is kinda expensive and since I didn't love her skincare (it just wasn't for me) getting the lip treatment was a bit of a gamble. I do really like it. The tint is a barely there hint of colour (so if you are hoping for something even remotely noticeable get something else). It does feel very moisturising and leaves this slightly wet/glossy look (not like lip gloss). I absolutely adore the smell. It is a mix between hard candy and dried fruit, absolutely delicious yet not overpowering like so many sweet smelling products. Packaging looks great but it isn't very functional. When you twist it up it comes out fine, but it won't go back down unless you push it in with your finger (it is a possibility that i got a defective tube, regardless I am not pleased about that). Also the box that it comes in is big enough for two lip treatments, seems a little wasteful.

Studio 78 Paris we evade bronzing powder in white sand 01. Last year I went a little crazy with bronzers ( I think I got 3 or 4) and although they all were perfectly nice, they had shimmer and I really wanted one that hadn't. It is harder than you think to find a mineral/natural/organic non shimmering pressed powder bronzer that also does not have jojoba as an ingredient . I was supper pleased when I saw this (very tempted by the whole range to be perfectly honest).

Packaging is great. It is some sort of reinforced cardboard that looks and feels very sturdy. The mirror is very nice and clear. It comes with a sponge, I would not use it as an applicator but it is nice to have it between the powder and the mirror. Despite having Paris as part of the name, it is made in Italy and it is Eco cert certified. Will do an update once I used this.

Have you guys tried any of these? What is on your spring beauty wish list?

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